BlackBerry Trouble Shooting Tips

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Use the following tips to help when having difficulty with your blackberry device.

1. I cannot browse the internet although I see Edge in upper or lower case ?

You should verify that you are on an active blackberry plan. If you are on an active BlackBerry Plan that allows for internet browsing and still cannot browse, complete a host routing table using the following steps:

1. On home screen select Options icon
2. Select advance options
3. Select Host Routing Table
4. Select Register now
5. Complete hard restart – Power off handset and remove battery after completing the above and unable to browse internet call customer care by dialing 100.

2. I'm unable to activate BlackBerry Plan due to an error message.

This usually occurs when another subscriber activated or has an active BlackBerry plan on the device. This will require you to call into Customer Care by 100 for assistance. The below information is required:

1. Phone number of previous subscriber
2. Verification will be needed – This is either the date of purchase and 3 frequently dial numbers or the PUK code
3. Blackberry PIN and IMEI

Once this information is provided we will be able to deactivate the previous subscriber to allow for the activation of your plan.

3. I'm unable to add Blackberry Messenger Contact

This is likely due to both members sending a request at the same time; the error usually seen is ‘pending’. Please complete the following:

1. Both members delete the existing requesting
2. Only one member needs to send a request
3. Other member needs to accept the request 

4. My handset screen is white and seeing error message:’ error 504 reset ‘

This usually occurs in instances when your BlackBerry is attached to a computer via USB and is disconnected without safely removing device. The following can be completed:

1. Select reset by pressing track pad/ball. This allows the handset to reboot

2. If your BlackBerry handset does not reboot then a hard restart is required by removing the battery and restarting the phone.

5. I am unable to make any calls including toll free or voicemail but able to receive phone calls. 

If your account is active or has sufficient credit then the following steps can be completed:

1. Select Call Logs by pressing the dial key
2. Scroll to the top of call logs to view line selection
3. If phone is on Line 2 change to Line 1
4. Save

6. How do I turn on/off the LED indicator on BlackBerry device?

Complete the following steps:
1. Select Options Icon
2. Select screen/Keypad
3. Select LED coverage Indicator
4. Save

7. I cannot send text messages

1. Check the MCN number on blackberry device by completing the following steps:

a. Select Blackberry Menu
b. Select options icon
c. Select SMS
d. Scroll down to Message Options –Service Center - Ensure that Service Center number is +18683999008. Once completed select BlackBerry menu button and select save on handset.

2. Delete messages saved in inbox

3. Complete a hard restart

4. Check Firewall options by completing the following steps:

a. Select Options
b. Select Security Options
c. Firewall
d. Remove, if any selections of SMS
e. Save

If you are still unable to receive text messags after completing the above steps, call in to customer care by dialing 100 for further assistance.

8. I cannot receive/send email messages.

1. Verify that active data plan has been selected ( a list of blackberry plans can be located on under our products tab)

2. Verify that EDGE is in caps on device. If Blackberry plan is not active on account, EDGE will be lower in case or GSM.

3. If you created an email address or added an existing email address to your device using the email setup screen in the setup wizard, verify that you have received an activation message on your device. If you have not received an activation message (the message might take a short period of time to arrive. Complete the following steps:

STEP 1: Select Email setup icon
STEP 2: Select blackberry Menu button
STEP 3: Select Service books
STEP4: Restart

4. If EDGE continues to be in upper case ensure the following is completed:

STEP 1: On home screen select Options icon
STEP 2: Select advance options
STEP 3: Select Host Routing Table
STEP 4: select Register now

5. Check Firewall options by completing the following:

STEP 1: Select Options
STEP 2: Select Security Options
STEP 3: firewall
STEP 4: remove, if any selections of Email
STEP 5: Save

9. I cannot send/receive Blackberry Messenger

1. Verify that device has an active blackberry plan

2. If EDGE is lower case with an active blackberry plan

STEP 1: On home screen select options icon
STEP 2: Select advance options
STEP 3: Select Host Routing Table
STEP 4: select Register now

3. Complete a hard restart

4. Check Firewall options by completing the following:

STEP 1: Select Options
STEP 2: Select Security Options
STEP 3: firewall
STEP 4: remove, if any, selections of PIN
STEP 5: Save

10. I cannot ping a Blackberry Messenger contact

During the Blackberry Messenger conversation, select Ping contact.


11. How do I change my BlackBerry Messanger profile picture? 

STEP 1: Go blackberry messenger
STEP 2: Scroll to my profile
STEP 3: Scroll to picture
STEP 4: Change profile picture (can be obtained from media card)

12. How do I start a Conference conversation with BlackBerry Messenger?

In BlackBerry® Messenger, during a conversation, press the Menu key.

Step 1: Click Invite to Conference.
Step 2: Select one or more BlackBerry Messenger contacts.
Step 3: Click OK.

13. How do I delete a BlackBerry Messenger contact?

In BlackBerry® Messenger, on the Contact list screen, highlight a contact.

Step 1: Press the Menu key.
Step 2: Click Delete Contact

14. How do I add a Blackberry Messenger Group?

Step 1: Click Add Group.
Step 2: Type a name for the group.
Step 3: Select Blackberry Menu and then Select Save

15. How do I delete a Group from Blackberry Messenger?

In BlackBerry Messenger, highlight a group.
Step 1: Press the Menu key.
Step 2: Click delete Group OR leave Group

16. How do I add a group in BlackBerry Messenger?

Step 1: In BlackBerry® Messenger, on the Contact list screen, press the Menu key.
Step 2: Click Add Group.
Step 3: Type a name for the group.

17. How do I scan a BlackBerry Bar code?

Step 1: Select Blackberry Messenger
Step 2: Select contacts
Step 3: Select Invite to Blackberry Messenger
Step 4: Scan PIN/Barcode

18. How do I find my Bar Code?

Step 1: Select Blackberry Messenger
Step 2: Select view profile
Step 3: Select show PIN Barcode 

19. How do I browse the Internet?

Step 1: Select menu button
Step 2: Select web browser Icon (which is shaped like a globe)
Step 3: Enter web address in Google search or web address search field. 

20. My WIFI is on but I'm unable to connect? 

If this happens it will require the hotspot browser to be turned on, this can be done using the following steps:

Step 1: Select Options
Step 2: Select Advance Options
Step 3: Select Browser
Step 4: Select hotspot Browser
Step 5: Save.
Step 6: Set up WIFI
Step 7: Select next and then scan for networks to view all WIFI spots available
Step 8: Select one to connect. (This can be done where a password is not required)

21. How do I lock the keypad on BlackBerry? 

To lock the keypad, press and hold * key on the BlackBerry.

To unlock the keypad, press and hold the mute button which is located at the top of the BlackBerry handset.

22. How do I lock the handset using a password?

Step 1: Select Menu
Step 2: Select Options
Step 3: Select password
Step 4: Select enable password. Once enable password is selected you will be prompted to enter password.
Step 5: Select save

23. How do I pair a handset to transfer files?

STEP1: Select Bluetooth in Manage Connections
STEP2: Select Set up Bluetooth
STEP3: Search for device. Once device appears
STEP 4: Select the Device
STEP5: Number will appear. Once the other member views the same number, both parties can select OK.

Kindly note the following when pairing search options are available:
Listen – Refers to one party waiting on the other to confirm.
Search – Refers to one party sending the request to other to confirm.
If pairing is not successful after following the above steps try to delete a paired contact and retry the above steps.

24. How do I set a specific ringtone for particular contact?

STEP1: Menu
STEP2: Select Phone book/Contacts Icon
STEP3: Select Contact
STEP4: Press BlackBerry Menu button
STEP5: Select edit
STEP6: Select Custom ring tone and alerts
STEP7: Select phone/message (if required for messages)

Once the phone/messages is selected you will be able to select a ringtone from media files and save. (N.B - ensure that the phone number is stored starting with 1868)

25. How do I set the date and time on a BlackBerry?

STEP 1: Select Options Icon
STEP 2: Select date and Time
STEP 3: Set time zone to LA PAZ

If manual is selected, you will need to enter the time and if automatic is selected it will be updated automatically

26. How do I save SIM contacts to the phone?

STEP 1: Select Menu
STEP 2: Select Contacts
STEP 3: Press Blackberry Menu button
STEP 4: Select SIM Phone book options
STEP 5: Press BlackBerry menu button again
STEP 6: Select Option to Copy contacts. 

27. How do I add an acronym to the Dictionary?

STEP1: Go into BlackBerry Messanger chat
STEP2: Select BB menu button
STEP3: Edit Auto text
STEP4: Select BlackBerry menu button
STEP5: Select New
STEP6: Input preferred acronym and save.

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