Magic Voice FAQs

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Magic Voice FAQs

1. What is Magic Voice? 

• Magic Voice is an original, IVR based solution which allows you to change your voice in various ways and speak to your friends.


2. What are the features of Magic Voice?

• Change Voice: A caller can choose from different options to change their voice while speaking to the ‘B’ party. Examples of options are cartoon, child, bunny etc.

• Change Background: A caller can choose from different options to include background music while speaking to the ‘B’ party. Examples of options are Airport Terminal, Railway Station, and Football Stadium etc. 


N.B. This is handset dependent.


3. How can I subscribe for Magic Voice?

• You can text START to short code 889 or dial *889 and follow the voice prompts to subscribe to Magic Voice.


4. Is there a cost to send the SMS/ call? 

• No, there is no cost. SMS messages and calls are zero-rated.


5. Is there any subscription fee/s associated with Magic Voice?

• Yes, there is. The subscription cost is $0.65 per day.


6. If my phone number is blocked, can I subscribe to Magic Voice?

• No, if your phone number is blocked you CANNOT subscribe to Magic Voice.


7. If I have subscribed to Magic Voice can I block my phone number before making a call using Magic Voice?

• No, if your phone number is blocked you CANNOT make a call using Magic Voice.


8. Are there any conditions for the use of Magic Voice? 

• Magic Voice can be used for Voice calls ONLY. You must dial 889 before the calling party’s number to activate the feature.


9. Can I use the various sound effects while on a call with my friend?

• Yes, you can use the various sound effects. You can change your Background Sound or Voice while on a call with your friend. You can also turn off the feature while on the call. 


10.  How do I manage the features of Magic Voice while on a call? 

• You can manage features of Magic Voice while on a call by dialing at any time the following:


 press 1 during a Magic Voice call to switch to Cartoon's voice.

 press 2  during a Magic Voice call to switch to King's voice.

 press 3  during a Magic Voice call to switch to Female's voice.

 press 4  during a Magic Voice call to talk with Romantic Background music

 press 5  during a Magic Voice call to talk with Airport Background sound

 press 6  during a Magic Voice call to talk with Traffic Background noise

 press 0 during a Magic Voice call you can switch to your original voice.


11. Can I use Magic Voice with Direct Voicemail Deposit? 

• No, you cannot use Magic Voice with Direct Voicemail deposit


12. Do I need access to the Internet to use Magic Voice? 

• No, you do not require the internet to use Magic Voice.


13. Can I download more “Voices” or “Backgrounds”? 

• No, you cannot download more “voices” or backgrounds.


14. How do I unsubscribe from the service?   

• You can unsubscribe from Magic Voice in two ways: SMS “STOP” to 889  or dialing *889 and following the instructions via the IVR 


15. Can I use any Bonus Credit to subscribe for Magic Voice?

• No, you cannot use bonus credit to subscribe to magic voice service.


16. Conditions of Use

• The Magic Voice solution is offered for the personal use of individuals and not commercial use or usage by groups of individuals. Any usage at all by an individual that in Digicel’s sole discretion is intended for financial gain or profit by you or by groups of individuals will result in the immediate termination of the particular plan.

• Digicel reserves the right to terminate the Magic Voice solution forthwith if in its sole opinion the solution is being abused, such abuse to include but not be limited to:-

 Commercial use of the solution;

 Use of the plan for profit or financial solution;

 Open circuits without voice conversations;

 Circuits being used for data transmission and/or non-voice communication;

 Restricting or inhibiting any other customer from using the service; 

 Any breach of the Customer Obligations as set out herein;

 Any use by the customer that is intended to or results in or is likely to bypass the service;

 Reselling the service to any third party, without the prior express written consent of Digicel. Breach of this provision may result in immediate suspension of the plan; and

 Any use deemed by Digicel to degrade the service quality on the network or otherwise interfere with or undermine the Digicel network.

• Digicel reserves the right to at any time, with or without the notice, to vary or cancel the terms and conditions of its Magic Voice solution. In the event of Digicel giving notice to customers of any such changes to or cancellation of the Service, it shall suffice for Digicel to give customers notice via messages to customer’s handset/device or to post such notification on Digicel’s website. Any such notification shall be effective immediately or as of the date referred to in such notification;

• Digicel reserves the right to modify or discontinue (permanently or temporarily) the solution being offered to its customer at its discretion;

• Customer Obligations

The customer agrees to:

A) Abide by all these terms and conditions for use of the solution as outlined herein;

B) Comply with laws and regulations governing the Digicel network;

C) Utilize the solution for personal use only and not for commercial and/or business purposes;

D) Not bypass the service or engage in any act that is likely to result in bypass of the service;

E) Immediately report and confirm in writing, loss, theft, damage of handset and/or SIM Card preventing your use of the solution;

F) Comply with all reasonable requests by us, or others on our behalf, particularly in relation to the investigation of fraud or other offences or as required by law or in legal proceedings. Should Digicel deem it necessary to enforce its rights hereunder in any legal action you will reimburse Digicel for all costs and expenses including reasonable attorney’s fees as a result of such legal action.

G) Be solely responsible for keeping his/her mobile handset properly secured and for all activations and other activities that occur on or through his/her mobile handset. Any request made for the Magic Voice solution via the use of an USSD code from a mobile handset shall be deemed a legitimate request from the customer to whom the said mobile handset is registered. Digicel shall not be responsible for any losses arising out of the unauthorized use of a customer’s handset.

• Subject to the above, the standard Prepaid and Postpaid terms and conditions shall apply.



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Magic Voice FAQs