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1. What is E -Bill?

E-Bill is a free, electronic bill notification method that is available to Digicel postpaid customers. When you sign up for E-Bill, you will receive a monthly email notification at the email address of your choice, advising you that you can view your bill by logging on to Digicel’s Online Bill View site at 

2. Is there a charge to use the E-Bill service?

No. E-Bill is available free of charge to ALL new and existing postpaid Digicel customers. Signing up for E-Bill means that you will no longer need to receive a printed bill in the mail every month from Digicel.

3. How do I register for E-Bill?

To register for E-Bill, you are simply required to submit a valid email address to Digicel. If you are a new postpaid customer, you can enter your email address on your activation form. 

If you are an existing postpaid customer, you can request the E-bill service in one of four ways:

  1. By contacting Digicel’s Customer Care at 100 or 399-9999 OR
  2. Signing up online.
  3. By printing and completing the E-Bill Sign Up Form and dropping it off at any of the Digicel Front Offices. Download the E-Bill sign up form (PDF)
  4. By sending an email to ttebill_support@digicelgroup.com


5. If I already use the E-Bill service, how can I change my email address?

To change the email address to which your bills are sent, you must contact Digicel’s Customer Care at 100 or +1 868 399 9999. 

6. How can I discontinue the E-Bill service?

To discontinue the E-Bill Service, you must contact Digicel’s Customer Care at 100 or +1 868 399 9999.

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