COVID 19 | How we are responding

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Our employees and customers are our top priority as we work to manage the effects of the Coronavirus,


As a provider of essential services to the public, we have a duty of care to keep our business running no matter what. Indeed, at a time like this, the services that we provide to customers could not be more vital or more needed. We take that responsibility very seriously. Likewise, we’re taking this situation very seriously and doing everything we can to prepare our business and prepare ourselves.


Our business continuity plans and protocols have been activated across the region to ensure a co-ordinated and proactive response internally with our employees and office and retail  locations – and externally for our customers. We are guided in this by World Health Organisation recommendations.


We’re also working to ensure that we assist the public with timely and accurate information and have teamed up with Health Ministries across the region to help make that happen.


With the situation ever-developing, we will continue to enhance and evolve our response as time goes on and update as appropriate.


Remember: Prevention Starts With You.



Aranguez Health Centre 638-2120
Arima Health Facility 667-4714
Arouca Health Centre 642-1065
Barataria Health Centre 638-2124/ 674-2227
Belle Garden Health Centre 660-5830
Bethel Health Centre 639-8580
Biche Outreach Centre 668-9053
Blanchisseuse & Brasso Seco Health Centre 669-4118
Brothers Road Outreach Centre 656-2547
Buccoo Health Centre 639-0750
Canaan Health Centre 639-8829
Carenage Health Centre 632-1860
Castara Health Centre 639-2194
Caura Hospital 645-4630
Cedros Health Centre 690-1440
Chaguanas District Health Facility 669-8958
Charlotteville Health Centre 660-6751/ 660-6055
Claxton Bay Health Centre 659-1646
Coryal Outreach Centre 668-8066
Couva District Health Facility 636-4024/ 225-4325
Cumana Outreach Centre 670-8250
Cumuto Outreach Centre 643-9075
Cunupia Health Centre 665-0183
Debe Health Centre 647-6247
Delaford Health Centre 660-5566
Diego Martin Health Centre 637-1860
El Socorro Health Centre 638-5218
Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex 225-4673
Erin Health Centre 649-8562
Flanagin Town Health Centre 636-2982
Freeport Health Centre 673-0021
Fyzabad Health Centre 677-2034
Gasparillo Health Centre 650-1020
George Street Health Centre 623-5155
Gran Couva Bay Health Centre 679-9134
Grande Riviere Outreach Centre 670-8264
Granville Health Centre 648-2736
Guapo Health Centre 648-2208
Guayaguayare Outreach Centre 630-8777
Icacos Health Centre 648-2724
Indian Walk Health Centre 655-2478
La Brea Health Centre 648-7562
La Horquetta Health Centre 643-0911
La Romaine Health Centre 657-1673
Las Cuevas Health Centre 669-6302
Las Lomas Health Centre 669-9789
Lengua Health Centre 656-5280
Les Coteaux Health Centre 660-0069
Macoya Health Centre 663-4617
Maloney Health Centre 642-1330
Manzanilla Outreach Centre 668-2063
Marabella Health Centre 658-0470
Maraval Health Centre 629-2043
Mason Hall Health Centre 635-1622
Matelot Outreach Centre 670-2428
Matura Outreach Centre 668-6276
Mayaro District Health Facility 630-1258
Moriah Health Centre 660-0092
Moruga Health Centre 656-7022
Morvant Health Centre 626-1044
Mt. Hope Women's Hospital 662-7006
Mt. St. George Health Centre 660-2119
Oxford Street Health Centre 623-6741
Palo Seco Health Centre 649-4482
Parlatuvier Health Centre 639-5063
Pembroke Health Centre 660-4100
Penal Health Centre 647-4417
Penal Rock Road Health Centre 647-0892
Petit Valley Health Centre 637-3284
Pleasantville Health Centre 653-0521
Plymouth Health Centre 639-2982
Point Fortin Area Hospital 648-3234
Point Fortin Health Centre 648-2329
Port-of-Spain General Hospital 623-2951
Princes Town Health Centre 655-8433/ 225-4325
Rio Claro Health Centre 644-2236
Rochard Douglas Health Centre 654-1641
Roxborough Health Centre 660-4620
Roy Joseph Health Centre 652-0806
San Fernando General/Teaching Hospital 652-3581/ 225-4325
San Juan Health Centre 638-3618/ 675-1535
San Rafael Health Centre 643-8645
San Souci Outreach Centre 670-2382
Sangre Grande Health Centre 668-2509
Sangre Grande Hospital 668-2273 / 2221 / 2468 / 2577
Santa Cruz Health Centre 676-7400/ 767-7067
Scarborough General Hospital 660-4744
Scarborough Health Centre 639-2612
Siparia District Health Facility 649-1136/ 649-0691
South Oropouche Health Centre 677-7305
Speyside Health Centre 660-4044
St. Ann's Hospital (Mental Health) 624-1151
St. Helena Health Centre 669-1183/ 669-7027
St. James District Health Facility 622-1142
St. Joseph Enhanced Health Centre 663-3419
Ste. Madeleine Health Centre 653-2303
Success Lavantille Health Centre 623-6434
Tabaquite Health Centre 636-2989
Tableland Health Centre 656-3500
Tacarigua Extended Care Facility 662-4617
Tacarigua Health Centre 662-4819
Talparo Health Centre 643-7309
Toco Health Centre & 24 hrs A&E 670-8277
Todd's Road Health Centre 671-5176
Tunapuna Health Centre 663-4617
Upper Lavantille Health Centre 624-4438
Valencia Outreach Centre 667-8197
Williamsville Health Centre 655-1751
Woodbrook Health Centre 622-2045
Caribbean Airlines  625-7200
Piarco Intl Airport 669-4880
ANR Robinson Airport 639-8389

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