Rising Stars Finalists reflect on journey to the finals

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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2015 – PORT-OF-SPAIN, TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO:  With the Digicel Rising Stars grand finale just around the corner, the three finalists – Angela Didier, Whitney Cephas and the Archer Sisters- reflect on their journey on the popular TV talent show and share some secrets on how they are preparing for the big day.


Arima-born and raised Angela Didier is a 41-year-old caterer, whose confidence and passion for singing pushed her to audition for the show in September. “When I first auditioned, I was so confident to make it to the final…but after meeting so many talented singers, I wasn’t that sure anymore”, commented Didier. She continued, “When I look at where I am now, there are no words that can truly express how I really feel. All I can say is that it is a real blessing to have reached this far in the competition.”


Didier’s journey on the show was not free of challenges, though. In the early days of the live show, she was eliminated due to a lack of votes but she was later voted back in by the judges and re-entered the contest as a wild card, which is an experience she will never forget.


When asked about her preparation in light of the upcoming final show, Didier said “I am rehearsing as much as I can at home and I am praying. If I were to win this phenomenal talent show and celebrate its 10th anniversary, it would mean everything to me, after God and my family.”


The adventure started off differently for 21-year-old Whitney Cephas, who decided to audition very last minute and with no much time to prepare. It comes to no surprise, then, that Cephas is more than excited to be among the top three and stated, “Knowing that people appreciate your talent so much to keep voting for you week after week is a true honour.”


Looking back at some of the ups and downs of her journey, Cephas recalls Week 6 challenge, in which contestants were asked to prepare a Bollywood song in preparation for Divali. She recalls, “The whole experience was quite challenging- finding the right song for your voice, learning the song with the correct pronunciation and performing it as naturally as possible, as if it was English. In the end, though, I did it and I actually developed an appreciation for Hindi music like never before.”


Cephas, who is hoping to be named the 2015 Digicel Rising Star to win the prize money which would contribute towards funding her law degree, commended Digicel for its commitment in bringing Trinidad and Tobago’s talents to the forefront and for the amazing support that she has received from her mentors.


Adding an element of novelty to this year’s 10th edition is also the presence of a duo among the finalists, the Archer Sisters, consisting of Jeanelle and Noelle Archer.


When asked how it feels to be just a step away from potentially being the next Digicel Rising Stars, vocalist and drama teacher Jeanelle commented, “It’s exciting, tiring, awesome and stressful…but overall quite sensational!”

Winners of the TTRN Uncovered competition, the Archer sisters entered the contest in an unconventional way, by skipping the auditions and going straight to the live shows.


Reflecting on the strengths and weaknesses of being a duo on the show, Jeanelle said, “I am happy to have Noelle with me because you have two phenomenal voices on stage at the same time and then I always have someone on stage to share my fright with.” She added, “However, it takes us way more time to practice, leaving us always in rehearsal mode straight up to the show! Plus if one person makes a mistake, it’s not easy to cover it.”


The Archer Sisters, who are relying on their faith and their usual, intensive practice leading up to the final performances concluded, “If we were to win this competition, it would be such an accomplishment, which we as vocalists can view as the result of years of work and preparation and would truly facilitate us being catapulted to a different level with our artistry.”


Viewers at home can tune in to TV6 on Sunday, November 22 at 8:00 pm to find out which of these talented acts will take home the 2015 Digicel Rising Stars’ title!

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Rising Stars Finalists reflect on journey to the finals