Shake it Promotion


Shake it Promotion Terms and Condtions


From today, April 6th, 2021 Digicel is offering you simply more prizes through the My Digicel App “Shake It Promotion” (the “Promotion”); providing Prepaid and Postpaid customers with the opportunity to win everything from digital experiences.


These Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQs”) and Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) apply to you and govern your participation in this Promotion to win certain prizes on the My Digicel mobile application (the “App”). You should read these FAQs and Terms carefully before participating in the Promotion.


“We” or “us” means Digicel (Trinidad & Tobago) Limited, a company registered under the laws of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago with registered offices at 11C Maraval Road, Port of Spain, Trinidad.  References to “we”, “our” and “us” in these Terms also include our affiliates (“Affiliates”) from time to time.


“I” or “you” means the person accessing or using the App to participate in the Promotion or a person receiving a gifted prize from that person (and “my” and “your” shall have the same meaning).


By participating in the Promotion on the App, you agree to be bound by these Terms.


These Terms incorporate the My Digicel Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy which you can access via the App.

 If you do not agree to or accept any of these Terms, or if you are under the age of eighteen (18), you should stop participating in the Promotion immediately.


1.  What is the “Shake It Promotion”?

If you are a Prepaid or Postpaid mobile customer with Digicel, you can participate in this Promotion, subject to these Terms.  The Promotion allows you to win prizes  by shaking your phone via the Shake It gaming mechanism in the My Digicel App.


2.  When does this Promotion start and end?

This Promotion is valid from 22nd March, 2021  through to 31st December 2021 (the “Promotional Period”).


3.  Can I take part in the Promotion?

You can participate in the Promotion if you are an “Active Digicel Customer” which means you are able to make a call from your Digicel mobile number (“Eligible Customer”).   You will have the opportunity to win, with more and bigger prizes available, when you buy or have an active Eligible Bundle.  



You will also be able to participate in the Promotion by receiving a prize that has been gifted to you by another, as explained below.


Please note that your eligibility is also subject to the Additional Terms and Conditions below.


The following customers are excluded from participating in the Promotion:

a)       Corporate account customers;

b)       Employees, employees of affiliate companies associated with this Promotion;

c)       Digicel+ (previously Home & Entertainment) only customers;

d)       Postpaid customers with overdue amounts; and

e)       Customers who are roaming.


Families of Digicel employees can participate in the Promotion, however, they are excluded from winning Non-Digital Prizes, as defined below.


4.  Which bundles/plans are included in the Promotion?

All our latest Digicel Prime Bundles and some other plans/bundles are eligible for the Promotion as listed below (collectively, the “Eligible Bundles”).       



Prepaid Eligible Bundles

Postpaid Eligible Bundles

1 Day Bundle

Postpaid Prime

3 Day Bundle

Postpaid 350

10 Day Bundle

Postpaid 550

1 Day Prime Bundle

Postpaid 750

10 Day Prime Bundle

Postpaid 299 DS

Prime 249 Bundle

Postpaid 240

Prime 349 Bundle


Freedom 49 Bundle


Freedom 99 Bundle


Freedom 149 Bundle


Freedom 199 Bundle


Freedom 299 Bundle


You will also find Eligible Bundles identified with the “Shake It” icon in the “Shake It” section of the My Digicel App.  Any bundles that do not have the “Shake It” icon in the App are excluded from the Promotion.


5.  How does the Promotion work?

There are four steps to participating and choosing your prize:


Step 1: Be an Active Digicel Customer (as defined above).  You can win more and bigger prizes when you have activated an Eligible Bundle:

a) via the My Digicel App;

b) via the Digicel website; or

c) by dialing the short code *323#.


Step 2: Confirm your participation in the Promotion by clicking on the “Shake It” notification and accepting these Terms.


Step 3: Access the My Digicel App, go to the Shake It section and shake your phone.  You will receive a notification indicating that you have won a prize.


Step 4: When you win a prize, you may have a choice of prize from a list of options and separately the ability to gift your prize to another Digicel mobile customer of your choice.  Prizes that cannot be chosen or gifted are automatically applied to your account.  Otherwise, you will have twenty-four (24) hours to select one or more of the following options, depending on the prize won:

a)       Choose – the selected prize or, if available, you can choose one of the other prizes from the list of options.

b)       Gift – if available, you can gift the prize to another Digicel mobile customer by selecting this option and providing the contact details of that person.

If you do not select one of the above options within the twenty-four (24) hour window, we will automatically apply the default prize to your account.


See more details on prize choices and gifting below.


6.  How many times can I Shake It and win?

The maximum number of wins per Eligible Customer is one (1) per day.  Even if you activate more than one (1) (the same or different) Eligible Bundle in one day you will only be able to win once.


7.   Will I be notified when to participate?

Yes.  During the Promotional Period, we will notify you when a shake is available. 


8.  Will I be notified when I have won a prize?

Yes.  You will be notified via SMS or in-app notification.  A confirmation notification is also sent if you are unsuccessful on a given shake.


9.  What types of prizes can I win?

There are two (2) different types of prizes that may be offered to you when you win: “Digital Experience Prizes” and “Non-Digital Prizes”. Each defined below.


“Digital Experience Prizes” can typically be used immediately after choosing and may be available to gift:


Digital Experience Prize Subcategory


Promo Digital Bundle

Premium access and data allowance for the 7 Digital Services below




The Promo Digital Bundle includes premium access and a data allowance that can be used with the following digital services (“Digital Services”):

1.       PlayGo

5. Billo

2.       GoLoud

6. SportMax

3.       D’Music

7. Loop

4.       BiP



Find out more about these apps and our Digicel Prime Bundles on our website at



“Non-Digital Prizes” are prizes that would typically need to be collected from a location designated by Digicel and may be included as prizes in the Promotion, with notifications of the same via social media and/or other Digicel communications.  Examples of Non-Digital Prizes include LTE smartphones, vouchers from 3rd parties and gift vouchers with Digicel (Trinidad & Tobago) Limited.


10.  Can I use a Digital Experience Prize together with a purchased plan or bundle?

Yes.  The Digital Experience Prizes are compatible with our other plans and bundles and may be active at the same time.  Any allowances (data or talk) will be depleted from your Digital Experience Prize prior to depleting any other purchased plan or bundle allowances.


11.  How can I check the balance on my Digital Experience Prizes?

You can check your balance/usage on the home page or in the Accounts and Balances section of the My Digicel App.


12.  How long will my Digital Experience Prize be valid for?

When you Shake It and in the event that you are given a choice of prizes, you will have 24 hours to select your prize or we will select the default prize for you.


Except for Digicel Prime Bundle Discounts:

a) Once a Digital Experience Prize has been selected, it will activate immediately and automatically for you.  There is no need to activate separately.

b) Digital Experience Prizes are available to be used from the time of activation and expire as per the validity communicated at the time of activation.


If you select a Digicel Prime Bundle Discount as a prize, the benefit will apply on your next purchase or renewal of the specific named bundle.  These discount prizes will be available for use up to thirty (30) days after choosing.


If you have chosen but do not use your Digital Experience Prize, it will expire and there will be no carry over or refund, except for Promo Digital Bundles where rollover may be applicable as described below.


Any usage beyond the provided allowance or outside of the validity period of Digital Experience Prize, will be billed at your applicable price plan rates, taken from your main data/talk allowance or charged from your Digicel credit.


13. Will my Digital Experience Prize data and talk rollover?

Unused data or minutes will not rollover from any promotional prize or bundle to a regular/purchased bundle.  However, where you win a Digital Experience Prize and chose another Promo Digital Bundle as a prize, any outstanding data balance remaining from the prior and still valid Promo Digital Bundle will rollover.  An expired bundle cannot rollover.


14.  Can I have more than one Digital Experience Prize active at a time?

Yes.  If you win multiple prizes, you may have them active on your account at the same time.  Important to note that you cannot have multiple versions of the exact same Digital Experience Prize active at one time.  You cannot accumulate multiples of the same Digicel Prime Bundle Discount as a prize; however, you will be able to choose and use different discounts, e.g. one for a 7-day bundle and another for a 1-day bundle.


15.  What else do I need to know about gifting a Digital Experience Prize?

If you choose to gift a Digital Experience Prize to someone else, you will need to enter the Digicel mobile phone number of the intended recipient and the prize list will be regenerated as the recipient may only receive rewards which are compatible with their Digicel service.  Successful gifted rewards will be automatically allocated to the recipient and activated; the recipient will also receive a notification highlighting the details of the gift.


You may be presented with an error screen in the event that the recipient is not eligible for the selected prize, e.g. when attempting to gift a Prepaid bundle to a Postpaid customer, if their account is not active, or if their number is invalid.


16.  What else do I need to know about choosing and gifting Non-Digital Prizes?

Where you win a prize of this type, you will receive a notification including:

a)  a voucher with a picture of the prize (for illustrative purposes only);

b)  a description of the prize with a confirmation or QR code; and

c)  a telephone number to contact Digicel to arrange prize collection. 


You MUST contact Digicel on the number provided within 24 hours of the notification being issued or the prize may be forfeited.


Once you have contacted Digicel and identification is validated, your prize will be made available for collection from: 11C Maraval Road, Port of Spain or any convenient authorized Digicel location specified by the Digicel representative.


You are encouraged to collect your prize within two (2) trading days (from Monday to Friday) and are required to collect your prize within fourteen (14) days from the issue date of the notification of the prize win or the prize will be forfeited.


Non-Digital Prizes may neither be gifted through the My Digicel App nor traded for cash or another product.


Digicel reserves the right to award any forfeited prizes to another Eligible Customer and to substitute prizes where reasonably required.


Warranty and support information, where applicable, will be included in product packaging.


Additional Terms and Conditions

A.  This Promotion is offered for your personal use and not for commercial use and you agree not to sell any rewards redeemed through this Promotion.


B.  You are required to use a compatible smartphone to run the App and participate in the Promotion. A compatible smartphone is an Android (OS 4.0 or higher) or Apple (iOS 2.0 or higher) smartphone.


C.  We reserve the right to disqualify you or terminate this offer if, in our sole opinion, the Promotion is being abused, such abuse to include but not be limited to selling or attempts to sell the prizes, whether on a commercial basis or otherwise, general abuse deemed as an attempt to undermine the integrity of our services.


D.   You are solely responsible for all associated fees and costs incurred by you for redemption of prizes and for connectivity and data usage in relation to your use of the App. Data usage will be taken from your main data allowance, your Digicel credit, or billed to your postpaid account if:

a.  you deplete your Digital Experience Prize allowance; or

b.  your reward is not an “Any Use Data” reward, and you use any other application except those listed above.


E.  Please note that once roaming, you will not be able to participate in the Promotion.


F.  The winners must have complied with these Terms and Conditions to enter and be on an active, qualifying contract with no accounts held with Digicel being in arrears to be eligible to win the prizes.


G.      We reserve the right to modify, extend or discontinue (permanently or temporarily), this Promotion being offered to you at our discretion.


H.   If a prize is unavailable, we may, in our discretion, substitute the prize with an alternative prize of equal value and/or specification.


I.   Prizes are not exchangeable and are not redeemable for cash.


J.   We reserve the right to, at any time, with or without notice, vary or cancel the terms and conditions of this Promotion. In the event of us giving notice to you of any such changes to or cancellation of the Promotion, it shall suffice for us to give you notice via messages to your handset/device or to post such notification on the Digicel website or the App. Any such notification shall be effective immediately or as of the date referred to in such notifications.


K.  Any personal data relating to you will be used solely for the purposes of this Promotion by Digicel and/or by any agent appointed by us to assist with running the Promotion on our behalf and will not be disclosed to a third party for any other purpose without your prior consent. By entering this Promotion, you consent to the use of your personal data by Digicel and/or any agent appointed by it to assist with running the Promotion for the purposes of administration of the Promotion (including publishing your full name and county and/or disclosing it to third parties on request) and any other purposes to which you have consented. To see our Privacy Policy visit:


L.   As a winner, you may share your winnings on your social media platforms and may be required to take part in related publicity, including (without limitation) publication of your name and image along with your winning entry via our website, social media and other press and media channels. No additional payment will be given for this.


M.  Except in the event of its negligence, neither Digicel, nor any other person or party associated with the Promotion, their associated companies, agents, contractors and sponsors or any of its personnel involved in the Promotion, shall be liable whatsoever for any loss or damage incurred or suffered, death or personal injury suffered or sustained, or costs incurred, arising from either participation in the Promotion or from claiming any reward.


N.   For customer support, or to report a problem or send us your feedback, please visit the “Support” option on the App.


O.   In addition to these Terms, you remain bound by any other terms and conditions of use for any of our other services including the terms and conditions for Digicel’s Prepaid and Postpaid mobile telephone and data services as well as terms and conditions for any other promotions related or connected to this Shake It Promotion.