USA Data Roaming Bundle TCs


Terms and Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions governing the USA Data Roaming Bundle plans:


1.  What are the USA Data Roaming Bundle plans (“Plans”)?

The USA Data Roaming Bundle plans are data roaming plans available to Digicel prepaid and postpaid mobile customers. These Plans are not available to corporate customers.


2.  What do the USA Data Roaming Bundle plans offer?

These Plans offer data bundles to customers whilst roaming in the states of the United States of America (“USA”) as listed in item 8 below, for a duration of either  seven (7) days or fourteen (14) days.

The details of these Plan are outlined in the table below:-


Plan Name

Duration (Days)

Price (TT)


Data (MB)

Subscriber Type

7 Day USA Data Roaming Bundle





Prepaid & Postpaid Customer

14 Day USA Data Roaming Bundle





Prepaid & Postpaid Customer


3.  How can I activate these Plans?

You will be able to activate any of the USA Data Roaming Bundle Plans via:

 i.      My Digicel App; or

 ii.      By dialing *323# from your mobile handset.

You do not have to be in your home country, that is, in Trinidad and Tobago, to activate these Plans. You can activate these Plans from any of the States listed in item 8 below.


4.  How can I  check my  data balance on my Plan once the Plan is activated?

 You  can dial *120*143# to check your data balance on any of these Plans.  


5.  Will I be notified before my data on my Plan is depleted?

Yes, you will be notified before your data bundle depletes.  You will get messages when data allotment on your Plan has reached  75%, 90% and 100%.


6.  What happens if my  data on the Plan is fully depleted?

You will receive a message on your handset informing you that you are using Pay As You Go data and showing the available data roaming plans that you can purchase.  


7.   In what countries will these Plan be offered and  available?             

·  These Plans will be available to you when you are roaming in  48  states  (“States”) of  United States of America (“USA”)  as well as Washington D.C.

·  These Plans will not be available in Puerto Rico, Alaska, Hawaii and any on any ships, including cruise ships, located in the USA seas.

·  The States are outlined below :-   

Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.


Please Note:

a.       If you are roaming in the States without an active data roaming plan, you will pay the standard Pay As You Go data roaming rates for any data used.

b.       If you are roaming in a State or country not listed above, you will be charged standard Pay As You Go roaming rates whether or not any of these Plans  is active.


8.  Will the Plan automatically renew?

You will receive a message with the option to renew this Plan.

Prepaid customers and postpaid customers should receive the message 2 days and 1 day before the Plan expires.


9.  Can I  activate “EZ Roam Plans” together with one of these Plans?

Yes. These Plans and the Ez Roam plans are compatible. However, data will be used from these Plans before the data allocated to the EZ Roam plan is used.


10.  Can I cancel this Plan before it expires?

No.  You will not be able to cancel this Plan before it expires.


11.     MUST Postpaid customers have roaming activated on their account prior to activating this Plan? 

Yes, postpaid customers that do not have roaming activated on their account, must activate roaming prior to activating this Plan by dialing *323#.


12.    Will I be charged for incoming and outgoing calls where this Plan activated?

Yes, you will be charged for incoming and outgoing calls at standard Pay As You Go roaming rates as these Plans only apply to data usage whilst roaming in any of the States listed in item 7 above.


13.    Additional Terms and Conditions:

·  These Plans are for the personal use of individuals and not commercial use or usage by groups of individuals. Any usage at all by an individual that in Digicel’s sole discretion is intended for financial gain or profit by you or by groups of individuals will result in the immediate termination of these plans.

·  Digicel reserves the right to terminate these Plans if in its sole opinion the plans offered are being abused.

·   Digicel reserves the right to modify or discontinue (permanently or temporarily) any of these plans being offered to its customer at its discretion.

·   Digicel reserves the right to at any time, with or without the notice, to vary or cancel the terms and conditions of these Plans. In the event of Digicel giving notice to customers of any such changes to or cancellation of these Plan, it shall suffice for Digicel to give customers notice via messages to customer’s handset/device or to post such notification on Digicel’s website. Any such notification shall be effective immediately or as of the date referred to in such notification.

·  Customers should be solely responsible for keeping their mobile handset properly secured and for all activations and other activities that occur on or through their mobile handsets. Any request made via the use of the short codes or the MyDigicel App from a mobile handset shall be deemed a legitimate request from the customer to whom the said mobile handset is registered. Digicel shall not be responsible for any losses arising out of the unauthorized use of a customer’s handset.

·   Subject to the above, Digicel’s standard Prepaid Terms and Conditions or Postpaid Terms and Conditions (whichever is applicable) shall apply.