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CPL T20 Cricket - Frequently Asked Questions


Will SMAX App stream CPL events?

Yes. SportsMax users with Premium plan will find 3 main channels streaming, live, the best of the CPL with Caribbean Athletes.

  SMAX channel

  SMAX 2 Channel


How do I start using the SportsMax App?

Here’s what you need to do to get started from SportsMax App:

1. Downloading the SportsMax app from the App (iOS) or Play Store (Android). Once successful:

2. Select the appropriate market - Caribbean (ENG content) or French West Indies (FR content)

Note: Users can then skip the login and have access to free content but User will not have access to SportsMax Premium Channels.

3.  Create an account with your phone number and e-mail address. This will allow you to have access to SMAX+ (Live TV); SportsMax App and personalize sports, leagues and teams.


Will I be able to use my existing SportsMax data allotment from my Prime Bundle to access the CPL content on the SportsMax App?

Yes. The SportsMax App is a part of your existing bundle. You can use your designated app data or WiFi to avoid depletion of your any use data. SportsMax App users will have a double data promotion available to stream all the best CPL Games right from their phones.


Which plans can I activate to get access to the SportsMax CPL Double Data Promotion?

Activate one of our Prime Bundle during the Promotional Period and Digicel will double the data for the length of your plan.

Example: If user buy a 30days prepaid PRIME BUNDLE plan on September 15th, user will have double data until October 14th


Which devices are compatible to use the SportsMax App?

The SportsMax App is compatible with most smartphones and tablets with operating system iOS 10 & and above and Android 5 and above.


What are SportsMax App Basic access features for CPL?

The SportsMax App Basic package provides free news, articles and videos from local and international sports, teams and leagues. Additionally, users will have access to the SportsMax+ Live TV channel, however, live CPL games will not be carried on that channel.


What are SportsMax Premium access features?

The SportsMax App Premium package includes all Basic features above, Premium Live TV channels (including SMAX, SMAX Cricket which will cover live CPL games), dedicated coverage of Caribbean and International sporting events, special commentaries from the best commentators and special guests from Caribbean.


How do I download content from the SportsMax App?

Currently, content cannot be downloaded from the App. You can use the “REMINDER” to inform you when specific event will happen.


Can I watch SportsMax CPL content without downloading the App?

Regrettably no. SportsMax CPL content is only accessible through the App.


Can I log into my SportsMax account on multiple devices at the same time?

For SportsMax App, You can connect as many devices as you wish. However, you are only able to watch from one device at a time. If the error message “Unable to login; too many connections” is received, please end all other active session and retry.


Can I stream CPL content on SportsMax App?

Sure. Within the SportsMax App, there are a number of channels available to steam. For this promotion there are 2 channels dedicated to CPL content (SportsMax and SportsMax Cricket).


Will I be able to watch all my favourite CPL sporting events?

Definitely! You will be able to catch the best CPL content from August 27th to September 15th 2021 using your SportsMax App. If you are a Cricket Fan, you can check our TV Guide Schedule to see when your favourite games will be played and even set reminders. You can watch the CPL live streams on the SMAX and SMAX Cricket channels.


Why am I getting an error about my e-mail address?

Make sure you are using the correct e-mail address. Your e-mail should have an @ sign, no punctuation marks and special characters. All subsequent transactions will require the e-mail address used for creating your SportsMax account. Therefore, please ensure the e-mail address is valid.


Why am I unable to use my phone number to create my SportsMax Account?

If you are getting a phone number error, please ensure you are using a correct phone number and that the correct country-region code is selected when signing in. A confirmation code will be sent to the phone number during sign up, therefore a valid phone number must be used.


The password I set is not accepted when I’m signing into the App.

If you are having an issue logging in due to a password error, select the forget password option to have it reset.


·   Your password must consist of non-consecutive letters and numbers

·  Character count should be minimum 6 and a maximum of 16


I am unable to log in with my Password.

If your phone number and e-mail address are correct, but you cannot access the app with your password, select the “forget password” option to have it reset.


Will in-app On-Demand content attract additional subscription charges on the SportsMax App?

There is no additional charge to view On-Demand content. Only Live events require LOGIN.


Can I still watch SportsMax App content if my allotted data bundle is exhausted?

Yes, you can use Wi-Fi to view content if your data has depleted.


If I cancel my Premium Package, will I still be able to access SportsMax content?

Absolutely. However only Basic content will be available to watch and read on SportsMax App but the full content from CPL can be watched with Premium access in the SportsMax App.


What happens to my personalized settings if my SportsMax subscription lapses?

Your personalized settings are aligned with your login and not subscription. As such, there will be no change to your settings when you subscription ends.


If I have an issue or need further clarity, how do I access support?

Here’s how you can get additional support:

Step 1. Select the “account” option to the top right of the screen.

Within the HELP section -

Step 2. Select “Contact Us”

·  In the "What can we help with" field, select the appropriate category – (Technical support, In-App purchase, Digicel Customer support or Other)

·  Enter your details in the fields provided and then select “Submit”.

Your query will be sent to our support team, who will be in touch via email.



Select “Customer Support’ to visit our Help Center for answers to frequently asked questions.

What if I don't use all the data in 'double data' on the SportsMax App?
 This SportsMax CPL Double Data promotion ends when the existing cycle of your Prime Bundle Plan ends. There is no roll over.

Is all the data in my Prime Bundle doubled?

No, this double data only applies to the SportsMax App.


Can I purchase multiple Prime Bundles, and still get SportsMax App Double Data?

Yes. You can activate & upgrade your Prime Bundles between 23 July - 8 August as many times as possible.
However, the Double Data Promotion does not roll over, and multiple plans do not apply at the same time.
Any plan activated as late as September 15th 2021 will still get Double Data on the SportsMax App for the duration of the plan.

Example: Prime Bundles for 7 days: 15-21 September, and for 30days: 15 September - 14 October.


What happens if my SportsMax App Double Data expires during the CPL Games?

You can activate & upgrade your Prime Bundles between August 27th to September 15th 2021 and continue to enjoy the CPL Games while getting Double Data on the SportsMax App. Any plan activated as late as September 15th 2021 will still get Double Data on the SportsMax App will be active for the duration of the plan (even after the CPL games have ended).
Example: Prime Bundles for 7 days: 15-21 September, and for 30days: 15 September - 14 October. Both will have Double Data on the SportsMax App.

Do I have to get a 30day Prime Bundle to watch the CPL Games and get the SportsMax App Double Data?

No. You may choose a 1 day, 7 days or the 30 days Prime Bundle and enjoy the CPL Games while getting Double Data on the SportsMax App for the duration of that plan.