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Frequently Asked Questions

·  All offers (excluding April Gift Offer or Raffle): For the period effective April 1- 30, 2023  any customer who signs up for Digicel+

·  April Gift Offer or Raffle: For the period effective Sat 22 Apr – Fri 19 May any customer who signs up for Digicel+

·  If the customer has been installed and activated they are then eligible for the draw.

Eligible installs / activations

Raffle Draw days

Wk 1 – 22 Apr – 28 Apr

Mondays, Tue - Sat

Wk 1 – 29 Apr – 05 May

Mondays, Tue - Sat

Wk 1 – 06 May – 12 May

Mondays, Tue - Sat

Wk 1 – 13 May – 19 May

Mondays, Tue - Sat


·  The customer has to be a new Digicel customer that has not had service from Digicel in the last 6 months at any location.


·  The first draw to start the selection schedule will be on Mon 24 Apr.


·   Qualifying candidates will be new subscribers activated between Sat 22 Apr and Fri 19 May (end of promotion) [28 days] and will win 20 tablets and 8 TVs [28 devices].


·   The TV candidates (Sat and Sun activations) will be drawn on Mondays and the Tablet candidates (Mon – Fri activations) will be drawn between Tue – Sat for the previous day winners. So the final draw should be on Sat 20 May for our last Tablet winner on Fri 19 May (end of promotion).


·  For TVs, two (2) winners (with alternatives) will be submitted to marketing on Mondays and for Tablets, one (1) winner (with alternative) will be submitted between Tue – Sat.

·  Two (2) televisions per week

·  Five (5) tablets per week

·  Seven (7) devices per week 

The marketing team will reach out to the winners.

Any arrangement to collect the prizes will be made with Marketing 

·  Any customer who is not presently, or has not been a customer of Digicel in the last 6 months can get this offer. 

·  FREE Installation

·  The add ons will be billed at the full subscription price

·  The base subscription will be billed at normal price.

·  The customer would need to call in to our service center to remove any of the add ons.