Postpaid Handset Promotion TCs


Postpaid Handset Promotion

Terms and Conditions

Launch Date: June 24, 2022


The following are the Terms and Conditions for the Postpaid Handset Promotion:


1. What is the Postpaid Handset promotion?

Customers signing up for a Postpaid $249 or $350 Prime Bundle can get the Samsung Galaxy A13 handset for only $699.


2. Can a customer get the handset discount without signing up for a postpaid Prime Bundle?

The handset discount is only applicable when the customer signs up for a postpaid Prime Bundle.  If a customer would like to purchase the handset only, they would have to pay the full price.


3. What is the duration of the promotion?

The promotion begins on June 24th and will be valid while stocks last.


4. Who can participate in this promotion?

This promotion is available to persons that are activating a new postpaid plan and persons who may wish to switch from prepaid to postpaid.


5. Will customers be required to pay a security deposit for the postpaid activation?

Yes, customers will have to pay the security deposit at the time of signing up for the plan.


6. What documents are needed to sign up for a postpaid Prime Bundle?

To sign up for a postpaid Prime Bundle, you much have one valid form of national picture ID (driver’s licence, national ID, passport) and one utility bill not more than 3 months old.


7. Do customers have to sign a contract when activating the Postpaid Prime Bundle?

Yes, customers must sign a contract to keep the service for eighteen (18) months or more.


8. Can a customer return after activation to redeem the discounted device?

No, plan activation and the handset sale must occur at the same time.


9. Is this offer available for postpaid port in customers?

No, the handset discount cannot be applied to a new postpaid port. If a customer previously ported in prepaid and would like to convert to postpaid they can do so, however, they will ONLY receive the handset discount offer and NOT the postpaid port offer.


10. Does the current postpaid Prime $350 offer for new activations apply to customers who take the discounted handset?

No, customers can only redeem one offer. They can choose either the 25% off for 3 months plan discount or the $700 handset discount.