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What are Recordings?

Recordings, also known as Cloud Personal Video Recorder (PVR), is a digital video recorder that allows you to record and store up to 200 hours of content on the Digicel network to watch whenever you want using any Digicel Set-Top Box in your home. Check out this video to learn more about Recordings and how to use it.

  • Press the TV Guide button
  • Find the programme you want to record
  • Highlight the programme
  • Press the red button on your remote 
  • An 'R' will then appear next to the programme's name

Can I record an entire series?

Yes, you can. If the programme you have chosen to record is part of a series, you will be given the option to record only that episode or the entire series.

Where can I see a list of all my Recordings?

Simply follow the below steps:

  • Press the Main Menu or My TV button on your remote
  •  Scroll to Recordings 

From here, you can then see all of your recordings along with your upcoming scheduled Recordings. Plus, you will also be able to see the total storage space remaining.

1. Press the Main Menu button on your remote

2. Scroll to Recordings

3. Press OK

4. The total amount of storage space already used and the amount still available will be shown in the top right hand corner.

Do I have to pay for Cloud PVR?

As a new Digicel TV customer, you get 200 hours of Cloud PVR recordings storage FREE with your first three months of service. At the end of this three-month period, you can continue to enjoy Cloud PVR for only $29 per month. If you would like to opt out of this service, you will need to call us at 866-PLAY or 500 from your Digicel mobile.

How do I get Cloud PVR space?

To get Cloud PVR after your free trial has expired, call us at 866-PLAY or 500 from your Digicel mobile.

How do I cancel my 200 hours of Cloud PVR storage?

To discontinue your Cloud PVR service, call us at 866-PLAY or 500 from your Digicel mobile.