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Time Shift
What is Time Shift?

Time Shift is a Digicel TV feature that allows you to pause, rewind and even fast forward live TV within a two hour time period. Time Shift is available to all Digicel TV customers at no additional cost. Watch this video to learn more about Time Shift and how to use it.

How do I access Time Shift?

To use Time Shift, press the 'Pause' or 'Rewind' button on your Digicel remote while watching live TV.

Is Time Shift available for all channels?

Time Shift is available for all live TV channels except radio channels, Stingray music channels and mosaic channels.

Can I use Time Shift on radio channels?

Time Shift is not available while listening to radio channels due to the fact that these live radio feeds and not a video feed.

How far can I rewind once in Time Shift mode?

While watching live TV, you can rewind up to two hours from the current time while on that channel.

How will I know when I am in Time Shift mode?

You will see the progress bar or the play icon on the bottom left corner of your screen.

Do I need to pay extra to use Time Shift?

No you don't. Time Shift is included in all Digicel TV packages at no additional cost.

How long can I pause while in Time Shift mode?

You can pause a programme for up to two hours.

How do I return to normal programming?

Simply press the stop on your Digicel remote to return to Live TV.

Can I change channels while using Time Shift?

Yes, you can. But remember, once you change the channel you will no longer be in Time Shift mode.

Time Shift