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Digicel Play Bill Explained

We have made understanding your Digicel Play bill a whole lot easier!  This quick video demonstrates in an easy and concise way the following details:


  • Monthly Charges
  • Prorated Charges
  • Advanced Billing
  • Payment Options

Your payment is due by the Due Date shown at the top right corner of your bill.


Depending on when and where your payment is made, it may be applied to your account after your bill has been generated. The date at the top of your bill indicates when the bill was generated so if your payment was made right before or after that date, your payment will be reflected on your next bill.

If full payment is not received by Digicel Play on or before the Due Date, your service will be up for disconnection. Digicel Play reserves the right to apply late fees if payment is not made before the due date.

Your first bill will include your subscription charges for a month in advance plus the period from when your services were activated to your first bill date. You may also have one-time charges for additional equipment or on demand purchases. If you have a Digicel Play TV plan, please visit channel 902 to watch a video on understanding your Digicel Play bill.

Your Digicel Play subscription is billed in advance and you are billed for any additional services in arrears. Your bill may be higher because you may have purchased extra services like on demand movies, changed your plan or exceeded your allowance of bundled minutes for home phone.

  • Part payments: If you have added or changed your subscription services, package or TV channels in the middle of the previous billing period, there will be prorated charges to the bill for the number of days that you have been using the additional services or channels.
  • Call charges: If you have a telephone package as one of your Digicel Play services and you have exceeded the number of minutes that are included in your bundle, the charges for these additional calls would appear on your next bill.
  • On Demand purchases: If you have ordered On Demand titles during the billing period, these charges would appear on your next bill.
  • Additional equipment or services: If you have requested additional equipment like Set-Top Boxes or made changes to your plan, the charges for these will appear on your next bill.

Provided that your new location is able to receive our service, it will take approximately three weeks to relocate your services. A Truck Roll fee of $300 will apply to faciliate your relocation.

If you would like to disconnect your service, you will be required to pay off all balances on your account and return all equipment to the Digicel Experience Store at ANSA Centre, 11C Maraval Road, Port of Spain. You will also be required to pay a disconnection fee of TT$100 for each remaining month on your contract.

You can call us at 866-PLAY or email us at

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