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Technical Support

Factors such as concrete walls, metal objects and other electronic devices will affect the Wi-Fi signal strength. Below are useful tips to boost your Wi-Fi signal:

  • Place the modem in a central location where wireless signal is mainly utilized; the signal will be disseminated with equal strength from all directions.
  • Point the antennas in an “L” shape position for a multi-story dwelling or pointed in an upward position for a single story dwelling.
  • Do not place your modem on or below another electronic device (e.g. On top of your set top box).
  • Remember your Wi-Fi signal ranges up to 30 meters, so ensure you are within that range.

If these options are checked but your signal does not improve, call us at 866-PLAY for further assistance. 

Not to worry, simply restart your Set Top Box (STB) by pressing the power button to the back right corner. After 5 seconds, restart your set top box and the PIN request should be cleared from your television screen.

This error may be as a result of the following:

  • The power adapter is not connected to the base of the Home phone.
  • The batteries are not correctly installed in the handset.

Complete the above checks and if the issue is not rectified feel free to call us at 866-PLAY for assistance. 

If your set top box is not powering on, verify if the:

  • Power cable is tightly fastened in the power port
  • Power button is stuck which will hinder the set top box from powering on.

All devices connected to your Wi-Fi signal will draw from the available bandwidth (Mbps). Therefore, the more devices connected simultaneously will lower the bandwidth available to each device and this in turn lowers your speed.

Our modems can support having a large number of devices connected simultaneously but if you are already receiving a weak signal, more devices will reduce the Wi-Fi’s overall performance.

If your remote is not responding this may be due to weak batteries or your current Television input may not be correct. To check your television input; using your television remote select the “TV Input” button and ensure the input is set to HDMI or AV1or 2.

Once you have adjusted the television input, you should then be able to select using your Digicel Play remote.

Technical Support