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The power behind your entertainment

Fibre Broadband

Lightning-Fast Fibre Speeds

Our Fibre Modem will allow you to explore your online world at the speed of light - with amazingly fast uploads and lightning-fast downloads, you will finally have the reliable speeds needed to match your life. One comes FREE with our Bundles and Fibre Broadband plans.

Fibre TV

Ultra-Sharp Fibre TV Experience

Our state of the art Set Top Box (STB) will change the way you watch TV by giving you the best digital quality picture and sound whether on standard or high definition channels. One comes FREE with our Bundles and Fibre TV plans.

The power is in your hands

Our easy to use remote control gives you full control over our new and interactive features so you can watch TV the way you want. One comes FREE with our Bundles and Fibre TV plans

Additional remote controls are available for purchase.

Fibre Home Phone

Amazingly Reliable & Clear Connection

Our superb cordless handset will give you the strongest, clearest and most reliable signal to call friends and family here or abroad. One comes FREE with all our Bundles and Home Phone plans.

What's in the Box