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Experience home entertainment like never before

Fibre Optics is not your regular cable. Made up of flexible yet durable strands of glass it is redefining the delivery of home entertainment today. Fibre is so powerful that it moves all of your data faster and more securely than regular broadband - 100x faster to be exact, rain or shine. And it get's even better, Fibre optics not only powers your online world but your entire home, delivering reliable and amazingly clear call quality plus an ultra-sharp and interactive TV experience that puts you in control of your entertainment.

TV Redefined

Experience home entertainment like never before with more HD channels, ultra-sharp picture and sound quality, more interactive and personalised features giving you full control over your TV experience.

  • Amazingly cool features:
  • Ultra-sharp picture quality that will amaze you
  • Record & save your favourite TV shows
  • Pause & rewind live TV
  • Choose what you want to watch with On Demand
  • Watch all your favourite sports channels all on on screen with Mosaic
  • More HD channels included than anywhere else
  • All of your favourite movies & sports channels plus more

Life at full speed

Beat the internet buffering blues! Our fibre optic technology will make your online experience faster and more reliable than any other provider.

  • What this means for you:
  • Upload your mega-large files at amazingly fast speeds
  • Download your movie before your popcorn is popped
  • Stream seamlessly - less buffering
  • Same incredible speeds whether it's just you or your entire neighborhood online.