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A Revolutionary System That Keeps You
Protected, In Touch & In Control.


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Customizable Packages

Start As Low As $275 / Month

  • HOME Silver
  • Control Panel

    Mobile App

    3 Wireless Door / Window Sensors

    2 Wireless Motion Sensors

    1 Key Fob

    24/7 Monitoring with public response

  • $275 / Month
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  • HOME Essentials
  • Control Panel

    Mobile App

    3 Wireless Door / Window Sensors

    2 Wireless Motion Sensors

    1 Key Fob

    24/7 Monitoring with public response

    1 Smart Light Switch OR Flood Light OR Plug
  • $299 / Month
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*Rapid Private Security Response add-on optional

Devices For Your SmartHOME


IP Outdoor Bullet Camera


This 1080p resolution camera offers live video and clip recording, which can be triggered by an intrusion event and managed through the SmartHOME mobile app.



IP Wi-Fi Desktop IR Camera


This 1.3MPx resolution desktop camera is designed specifically for indoor residential applications and can be mounted on a tabletop or ceiling/wall.




Doorbell with Camera



Provides remote camera access to your front door or gate Featuring real-time and recorded HD audio and video with full automation



Wireless Door/Window Sensor


The sensor transmits signals to the control panel when a magnet mounted near the sensor is moved away from or closer to the sensor


Motion Sensor


Detects movement within a specific area by sensing the infrared energy emitted from a body as it moves across the sensor’s field of view. 


Flood Sensor


A small, non-obtrusive device that alerts users when water is detected. The sensor can be placed under sinks, toilets or near hot water tanks making it ideal for high risk areas.


Personal Panic Device

The Panic Button is water-resistant and functions as a wireless device used for activating police, fi re or auxiliary alarms throughout the premises,


Smoke Detector


Providing effective fire, heat and carbon monoxide detection.


Smart Plug


Enables wireless control of on/off functions for standard lamps and small appliances


Smart Wall Switch

Enables wireless control of on/off functions for light switch


Flood Light


Two independent passive infrared sensors to detect  and confirm movement


Control Panel


Interactive and wireless, the SmartHOME hub acts as a single, convenient access point for a whole home security system. The hub can be controlled remotely or by using the integrated LED keypad.



Key Fob


Each key-fob is learned in to a control panel as an unsupervised sensor and uses one available zone slot.


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  • A SmartHOME is a home that adjusts to a customer’s living habits and routines. It allows the customer to automate tasks like turning lights on, locking doors or viewing their camera and controling them remotely. Smart homes, like smart phones, can be adjusted to suit the user and to make life simpler. 
  • Digicel’s SmartHOME Solution provides you with the ability to secure, manage and monitor your home using the latest technology. You can view live camera feeds, arm or disarm your home, and always be aware of the status of your home with real time alerts on your smartphone. With Digicel’s SmartHOME Solution you can enjoy a sense of security whether inside or outside.
  • Only existing Home & Entertainment customers who are in good standing are eligible for the SmartHOME service. SmartHOME can be added onto your current Digicel Home & Entertainment package for an additional fee. Not yet signed up with Digicel Home & Entertainment? Click here to get started today!

Digicel has two convenient base packages to choose from, and because we understand that no two homes are the same, our packages are fully customizable. The base packages are as below:



Home - Essential Package

Home – Silver Package




Panel and App



Door/Window Contacts



Motion Sensors



Key Fobs



Light switch or Smart Plug or Flood Light

1 (Either Lights, Switch,Plug)


Alarm Monitoring(Public Response)




Yes (1 Year)

Yes (1 Year)


Add On

Price (TTD)

LTE Sim Back Up


Door/Window Contact


Flood Lights


IP Camera


IP Wi-Fi Desktop Camera


Motion Sensor


Light Switch


Doorbell (With Camera)


Smart Plug (For Appliances)


Flood and Freeze sensor


Smoke detector


Personal Panic Device



  • Yes, all packages are completely customizable, you can add devices as required to completely outfit your home.


  • Yes, there is an installation fee of $750.00, this will made over two payments, one upfront ($375.00) before your installation and the second ($375.00) along with your first bill.