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One of our team members will contact you in the next 24-48 hours to walk you through the next steps of your relocation.

Since you are relocating, here are a few things you will need to know:


  • You must clear all outstanding balances before we begin processing your relocation request.
  • An audit of the new location will be required before installation can be scheduled. This audit determines if our service is available at your new location.
  • While we are working on offering our 100% fibre service in more towns and communities, we may not be in the area you are relocating to just yet. In a case like this, a team member will explain your options for disconnecting your current service and reconnecting when it becomes available.
  • If our service is available at your new location, you will be charged a relocation fee of $300.
  • You will need to transfer your set-top box, modem, switches and remotes to your new location since they will be re-used by our installers. If you do not have all the required equipment, you may be charged for any new equipment installed.
  • If you are renting at your new location, we strongly advise that you provide us with written installation approval from your landlord. Download and print our Landlord Approval Form and give a signed copy to our auditors or scan and email to


If you have any questions on your relocation, be sure to let our team members know and they will be happy to assist. Contact us via our online live chat, email or call 866-7529 or 500 from your Digicel mobile phone.

Thank you for choosing Digicel!
The Digicel Team