1st June, 2021


Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for trusting Digicel+ to provide you with a premium Fibre-to-the-Home service. We hope that you and your family are keeping safe at this time.


Over the past year, our Digicel+ Team has been working around the clock to support our customers’ rapidly changing needs as they moved to work-from-home and home schooling. As you can imagine, customers now require even more reliable and powerful internet, with a wider range of entertainment products that complement their new digital lifestyles.


As such, we upgraded all of our subscribers to a minimum broadband speed of 100 Mbps and rolled out a new Smart Wi-Fi solution to assist larger households in getting a more stable internet connection throughout the entire home. Additionally, as customers spend more time indoors, we have enhanced our TV content by adding channels to our line up and including more free Video on Demand (VOD) content as we focus on wholesome family shows including nostalgic series, sporting content, news and Nollywood offerings.


To make these enhancements even more accessible, we have also introduced new Smart Combo Plans and are continuing to invest in the expansion of our international capacity. This is how we give you Simply More - more speed, more power and more reliability.


As we continue our improvements, it has become necessary to make some adjustments to our existing rates in order to meet the increased costs that come with providing these enhancements. As a result, we advise that effective July 1, 2021 your new base subscription will be:


Plan Name

New Price (VAT Incl)

Fibre 100


Fibre 150


Fibre 250


Fibre 350


Fibre 500


Modern Fibre 100


Modern Fibre 150


Modern Fibre 250


Modern Fibre 350


Modern Fibre 500


Variety 100


Variety 150


Variety 250


Variety 500


Premiere 100


Premiere 250


Premiere 500





We love having you as part of our family and will continue to work toward giving you the best Home & Entertainment experience.


Please stay safe and thank you for choosing Digicel+!

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The Digicel+ Team