Fibre Phone

Enjoy the clearest and most reliable digital voice connection when speaking to your family and friends locally and abroad. And there’s more – we’ll give you everything you need to get started with the simplest calling plans and the best value bundled minutes.


Here's what is included:

Unlimited calls to other Digicel Play fixed lines, Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Blocking, 3-way calling, Call waiting and One FREE cordless handset

*Please note that an installation fee of $599 (VAT inc.) will apply to home phone-only installations. 


Calling Plans for You



On Net




Price Per Month

VAT Inclusive


Home & Away 500








Home & Away Unlimited








*On net minutes refer to calls made to Digicel fibre phone

**Bundled minutes include local, Digicel Caribbean mobile & international (USA, Canada and UK fixed lines).


Call Rates

These discounted rates will apply should you go over your bundled minutes or make calls to a country not included in your plan. These rates also apply to all Pay-As-You-Go customers (i.e. customers who have not subscribed to one of our home phone plans).


Calls to

Rate Per Minute
VAT Inclusive

Digicel  Landline


Other Landline


Other Mobile


Digicel Mobile



(USA, Canada, UK landline, Digicel Caribbean, Venezuela & India )


International (Rest of the World) starting at