DigiAssist is a solution provided by Digicel Trinidad and Tobago that serves as an aid for simple troubleshooting Internet issues such as slow speeds.

You can perform a speed test to determine this. Follow the below:

How to Perform Speed Test

This simple step ensures that you are receiving correct speeds. It is recommended that the speed test is done using an Ethernet cable (wired connection) to laptop or desktop, for a precise reading.

Visit https://www.speedtest.net/ perform speed test. Ensure the server is set to Digicel Chaguanas.

To access DigiAssist application visit https://service.digiceltt.com/digiassist/

To the login, click ‘Login’. You will be directed to enter your Digicel ID and password to be authenticated before proceeding.


Select “Troubleshoot internet speed” where you will be required to follow through from Step 1.

Step 1: Select your account number and hit Proceed

You will be notified that your modem will be restarted

Your account will be validated automatically once you have entered your account number.

Once the modem restart has been successful, the below will be displayed. 

You should experience the ‘Expected Speed’ after conducting a new speed test after the restart. If you have, please hit ‘Resolve Case’. The below page will be displayed.

Enter the speed you got after the Restart Modem step and conducting the speed test, then select ‘Proceed’.  If you would like to factory reset your modem, click the 'Factory Reset Modem' button.  If not, you can click the 'Escalate Case' button to have an agent contact you. 

Upon clicking the 'Factory Reset Modem' button, you will receive a notification indicating that your modem will undergo a factory reset.

After the factory reset, perform another speed test and enter the result.  If the speed is good, your case will be closed and if not a ticket will be automatically created to further investigate.