BiP Discover Services

BiP Discover Service

Discover is your life and entertainment platform. You can follow Services based on their interests keeping you in the know about health, local news and weather just to name a few.




Discover for Businesses

Discover Service allows you to digitize your customer communication; can send campaigns, announcements and surveys over the channel; You can provide customer service, sales, location-based editing support. In addition, with BiP Closed Group Communication Channels, you can transfer your internal communication to digital and make your correspondence safely. For detailed information and support, you can send your application including your contact information, the relevant corporate name and channel set-up to us  




Monitor the
performance of your
Service with
our Built in
Analytics Dashboard


Competitions Entries

Collect competition
entry forms
and communicate
with entrants


Chat Bot Integration

Generate Leads
and provide
24/7 Customer


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