BiP for Educators



Keep teachers
and students contact
information private from
group members and
the wider public


One-Way Messaging

Keep priority messages
and media in channel without
having group members or parent
members send messages
in the channel


User Generated Channel

Create a UGC for classes
and Parent communication
and share the access via a link,
no need to add contact individually
or store them on your device


Frequently Asked Questions


What is a User Generated Channel (UGC)?

A One to Many Communication Channel that’s users can subscribe to for content updates. 


Is a UGC Public?  

Admins have the control to make their channels private or public.


How do I create a UCG?

1. Open BiP

2. Select New Message & Click 'New Channel' option

3. With the New Channel:

Inpute Channel Name (app will indicate if available)

Select 'Type - Public or Private (Private is recommended)

Provide Channel Info for Subscribers to Channel

4. New Channel is published.  As admin- you can place the information you want broadcast & see how many persons have viewed.

5. New Channel Info: Provides details of Share Link - How Channel can be shared, Number of Subscribers and Admins Media shared in Channel.


Do you have to pay to create a channel?

Any user can create a channel for free.


Will my data be shared with other subscribers?

Administrators & Subscribers contact number and profile name & images are hidden from other subscribers.


Do I need to have user’s contacts saved to my device to add them to a channel?

No, you can invites users to subscribe to the channel via a shareable url. 


Can anyone send messages in a UGC? 

Only admins have the right to send messages to channel subscribers.


Can I edit messages after I hit send?

No, once messages are sent to a channel they cannot be edited or deleted.


Can I block subscribers?

Yes, you can block users by clicking the channel info. 


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