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What you need to know

• Trinidad and Tobago’s borders
are opened as of July 17, 2021
• The Ministry of Health
has outlined 3 categories
of travelers (including children)
entering Trinidad and Tobago


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Returning Citizens

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Category 1: Unvaccinated travelers

• Must provide a PCR test 72 hours before boarding and upon arrival and will be taken to a designated state quarantine facility for 14 days.

• Will undergo a medical assessment within 24hours and a PCR COVID-19 test on the seventh day.

• Travelers with negative results can complete the remaining quarantine period at home based on the advice of the County Medical Officer of Health

• Travelers with positive results will be placed in the parallel health care system


Category 2: Returning passengers needing medical attention

• Critically ill passengers will be quarantined at a hospital as per COVID-19 protocols

• Patients with negative test results needing 14 days and over to recover, will be transferred to a hospital where non-COVID-19 protocols are observed.


Category 3: Fully vaccinated passengers

• Considered fully vaccinated after completing a 14-day period following second/final COVID-19 vaccination dose.

• Must provide a valid PCR test 72 hours before arrival within the country as well as proof of vaccination with a World Health Organisation (WHO) approved vaccine

• Not required to quarantine.


Download the complete guidelines form the Ministry of Health

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