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       You can visit the LTE checker to confirm this. We will also be sending an SMS to customers’ whose SIM is not compatible.

     Link : LTE Checker (

Digicel will be sending the following SMS to customers from Digicel on 23rd March, 2023 with steps to sign up to receive the new SIM.

SMS:  Dear customer, we have noticed that your SIM is not LTE compatible. We would like to mail a FREE SIM card to you. Please click here to submit your delivery details -

The new SIM card will be mailed to you with instructions how to activate it.

Please note SIM cards will be mailed out by 11th April, 2023 so customers that signed up should receive it in 2 weeks.

The below steps serve as a guide:

Step 1: Text SIM to 746 to start the SIM replacement process. You will receive instructions via SMS after each step. (Please note that you will receive a reminder SMS every 2 hours until the process is completed)

Step 2: Enter the 10 digit Pack ID found on the SIM package

Step 3: Confirm by re-entering the 10 digit Pack ID

Step 4: Text 1 to 746. Within 5 minutes your old SIM will lose service. Then place the new SIM into your phone to complete the sim replacement. You will receive a confirmation message upon switching your SIM into your new phone.

       We’ve got you! Please visit any one of the listed Digicel Experience Stores only, to have this completed if you have not received a SIM via post. See listing below:

·       C3 Centre, Corinth , San Fernando

·       Block F, New Wing, Trinicity Mall, Trincity

·       1st floor Excellent City Centre, Port of Spain

·       Shirvan Plaza, Shirvan Road, Tobago

Yes, you can. Just walk with the form of ID you used to sign up the account to confirm your ownership.

Yes, all services will be available.

Customers with the wrong SIM and devices compatible with our Digicel Network will not experience the best services. Customers will experience poor call quality, slow data or buffering.

You can visit the LTE checker to confirm this: LTE Checker (

To ensure you get a Digicel compatible device & the best possible service, please see below bands and bandwidths:

3G/HSPA – Band Capability

Band 5 capable also referred to as operating on 850 MHz frequency/ Band 2 capable also referred to as operating on 1900 MHz frequency.

We require the device to have at a minimum Band 5 capability, supporting only 1 band will result in reduced experience.


4G/LTE/LTE Advanced – Band Capability

Band 28 capable also referred to as APT band or 700 MHz frequency


Band 2 capable also referred to as operating on 1900 MHz frequency


Band 4 capable also referred to as AWS , operating frequency is 2100/1900 MHz

We prefer the device have at a minimum Band 28 capability, supporting 2 or more of the above bands will ensure a good experience. All 3 bands result in the best experience.

Band capability can be checked on, expand the section “Network” to see the bands supported per technology