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Welcome to the GT Club! Yuh GT with Digicel

For as little as $20, members can enjoy 30 days of big savings with 3% cashback on all plans and calls purchased, bonuses you love like free minutes, data plus rewards with chances to win monthly prizes like iphones, complementary tickets and more.

Join today by calling 777 OR dial *323# OR visit MyDigicel App. 


Cash back on all calls or plans purchased


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If you have an active GT Pass, you will receive 3% cash back credit once you make chargeable call, that is calls outside your bundled minutes also known as a “Pay As You Go” call, or purchase a Prime bundle.

For example, if the balance on your account before the chargeable call was $1 and the balance on your account after the call is $0, then your cash back credit received will be 3% of $1, that is 3 cents.

Please note the following:

-  Credit must be deducted from your MAIN account balance in order to receive the cash back credit. In other words, cash back credit will not apply to Bonus Credit or Quick Credit.

-  Cash back credit accumulated will expire when/if your GT Pass expires and it has not been redeemed.

-  Any cash back credit accumulated can be redeemed by dialling *323# and selecting redeem cash back in the GT Pass menu. The option on the menu will be to either purchase a Prime Bundle or enjoy free Digi-Digi calls.

-  Cash back credit can only be accumulated up to a maximum of 6 months.

-  Once you have redeemed your cash back credit, you have 72 hours to use it for the option you selected, i.e, to purchase a Prime Bundle at a discount or enjoy free Digi – Digi calls.


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Free offers included in the GT Pass are:

- Bonus data when you top up, 

- Bonus minutes and data 

- Free data to access the Waze navigation app 

- Free data to access the Loop news app 

Once you have activated a Digicel GT Pass and your next top up is $30 or more you will receive a bonus of 1GB Anyuse data at LTE speed. 

No, once your first top up after you have activated a GT Pass is $30 or more, you will automatically receive the bonus of 1GB Anyuse data. 

Your bonus data will be valid for 72 hours from the time it is received. 

Yes, the Quick Credit will be repaid and you will still receive the bonus data. 

Waze is a community driven GPS and navigational app that guides you through the shortest route possible while driving. It works on a smartphone and can help you find directions and avoid traffic jams. It provides real-time directions that are adjusted on-the-fly to account for various types of potential obstacles.

Loop is the Caribbean’s most downloaded news app that provides customers with breaking news, sport, entertainment and lifestyle stories that are relevant and current.


We are here to help! Contact us to learn more

Exclusive experiences included in the GT Pass are:

- First access to new promotions and offers from Digicel;

- Access to guaranteed prizes in My Digicel app shake to win;

- Invitations to exclusive events 

You will receive communication via SMS and My Digicel app. 

There are four steps to choosing your prize:

Step 1: Be an Active Digicel Customer. You can win more and bigger prizes when you have activate GT pass:

a) via the My Digicel App;

b) by dialing the short code *323#

c) by dialing the short code *120#

d) by dialing 777


Step 2: Confirm your participation in the Promotion by clicking on the “Shake It” notification and accepting these Terms.


Step 3: Access the My Digicel App, go to the Shake It section and shake your phone.  You will receive a notification indicating that you have won a prize.


Step 4: When you win a prize, you may have a choice of prize from a list of options and separately the ability to gift your prize to another Digicel mobile customer of your choice.  Prizes that cannot be chosen or gifted are automatically applied to your account.  Otherwise, you will have twenty-four (24) hours to select one or more of the following options, depending on the prize won:

a)  Choose – the selected prize or, if available, you can choose one of the other prizes from the list of options.

b)  Gift – if available, you can gift the prize to another Digicel mobile customer by selecting this option and providing the contact details of that person.

If you do not select one of the above options within the twenty-four (24) hour window, we will automatically apply the default prize to your account. 

There will be invites to a variety of live and virtual digicel events at Digicel’s discretion.