One Tonga Kiai Community Grant

We are offering $50,000 in grants towards multiple initiatives in an effort to uplift communities in the Kingdom of Tonga.
These community initiative/project ideas will be coming from the people of Tonga via web portal.
Applications close on December 31st and successful applicants names will be announced in mid-January 2022.

Sumit your One Tonga Kiai idea now:

1.     What is One Tonga Kiai?

One Tonga Kiai was first established in 2018 when Tonga braced itself for Tropical Cyclone Gita.  It was the ‘tagline’ that was communicated to bring people together after a devastating disaster that affected the entire Kingdom. 


The tagline was the overarching message as Digicel implemented its humanitarian drive across Communities Post-Cyclone.  It was designed for the people by the people.


In that instance, we have named this Community Project ‘One Tonga Kiai’ to bring together communities in its effort to bring about ideas that will have an impact on the people and the community at large and providing an opportunity to give them access to a grant that can benefit them.  


2.     How do I apply?

Visit for more information and to apply for the grant by sharing your One Tonga Kiai idea.


3.     Can anyone apply?

Yes, this is open to anyone that is a Tongan Resident and it is designed to benefit the Community not individuals. 


4.     What is the total grant?

$50,000 pa’anga grant.


5.     How is the selection done?

✔ The community projects that meet these criteria will be considered by the selection committee 

✔ The amount of funding for each successful community project idea will be determined by the selection committee 

✔ The selection committee's decision is full and final 

✔ The community project idea must not be for the benefit of one individual

✔ The project ideas with the biggest impact on the community will be considered by the selection committee

✔ There may be more than one recipient of the $50,000 grant as decided by the selection committee 

✔ Winners will be announced the week starting the 3 January 2022

✔ Winners of the grant will provide photos and video testimony so that Digicel can share their story through its media channels 

✔ Winners of the grant must provide evidence of how the funding will be spent and what impact it will have on the community before payment is made

✔ Entries open on the 15th November and closes at 31st December 2021.

✔ Digicel reserve the right to extend the closing date should it require more entries. 


6.     When do you make the final announcement of successful Ideas?

All applications for the grant are assessed by a Select Committee which consists of external professionals who are experts in their respective fields and in addition leaders from Digicel Tonga’s Senior Management Team.  

Once applications are assessed, successful ideas will be submitted to Digicel’s CEO for endorsement.


7.    When do you make the final announcement of successful Ideas?

Entries close 31st December, 2021 and we will be announcing in the 2nd week of January, 2022.



8.    Who do I contact if I require further information?

Please contact Ragigia (Gia) Dawai by email on or call her on 676-8751883