MiFi Offer

MiFi Offer

Get the MIFI device for only $55 (50% off the cost) and CPE device for $95 (50% off the cost).


1.    How does it work?

The cost of MIFI device is $114TOP CT Inclusive & CPE device is $196TOP CT Inclusive.


MIFI - $60 for 30GB + get the device for $55 (50% off the cost)

CPE - $65 for 35GB + get the device for $95 (50% off the cost)


2.    Who is eligible for this offer?
This offer is available to new Prepaid customers only 


3.    Can I only buy the device without the plan?
No, if I want to buy the device I have to pay the monthly plan and get the half prize of the device, which is $55 for MIFI device and $95 for CPE device


4.    If I am an existing customer, can I still pay for the plan offer?
Yes, you can still pay for the MIFI & CPE plan offer – MIFI $60 for 30GB and CPE device $65 for 35GB


5.    If I finish my promotion plan, can I top up again?

Yes, here are the ISP plans if need top up:

$65.00/ 35GB (30days)

$130.00/ 75GB (30days)

$215.00/ 130GB (30days)

$320.00/ 200GB (30days)


Here is the MIFI plans:

$60.00/ 30GB (30days)

$120.00/ 60GB (30days)

$200.00/ 110GB (30days)

$300.00/ 165GB (30days


6.    When is the promotion end?

31st July 2022

7.    Can I replace the modem if damage?
Yes, it is 1-month warranty, but if the modem reported after 1 month, we cannot replace it.