EVD Top Up & WIN

Top Up $10 or more via EVD & get 45GB Prime Ma’alahi Bundle valid for 3 days.

1.    How does the promotion work?

Any Digicel customer that Tops Up or recharges using EVD via a reseller store or with any Digicel Top Up agent will qualify if they top up/recharge $10 or more. They will automatically win a 45GB Prime Ma’alahi Bundle.


2.    So if I top up with recharge card will I get the offer?

No, unfortunately this offer is ONLY applicable to all customers that use the EVD platform.


3.    What is EVD? 
EVD stands for Electronic Voucher Device meaning for Tonga its Phone-to-phone top up. It comes in 2 platforms – OCL’s EMIDA platform and Digicel’s Telepin (MyCash) platform..


4.    Do I only get to into the draw for the offer if I top up $10 or more?

Yes, that’s correct.


5.    Will I receive the bundle if I top up $9 or less?

No, you won’t qualify. You will only receive bundle if you top up $10 or more.


6.    Does it apply to Diaspora, meaning if someone tops me up from overseas?

No, this is only available to EVD top up locally in Tonga.


7.    Who is the offer available to?

This offer is available to ALL Prepaid customers.


8.    Who can I ask for more information?

Please email TO_Marketing@digicelgroup.com or see the Marketing Team.

9.    Promotion start and end date?
Promotion starts on the 1st October and ends on the 14th November 2021.