Data ON, Worries OFF

We have reduced our Out of Bundle charges to the lowest in the Kingdom. In addition to this, we will give you multiple notifications before your data bundle expires to re-opt into your bundle.


1.    What is bundle browsing?
When a customer is browsing with a data bundle or plan, we say customer is browsing with a bundle. A bundle is set with the price with MB’s of data with an expiry. For example $10 for 3GB for 7 days.

2.    What is Out of bundle browsing?

Out of bundle, browsing means a customer’s data bundle or plan has expired and they are using their prepaid credit to use their phone to browse the internet. 

3.    What happens when my data bundle/plan expires or is exhausted?

When a data bundle or plan is used up or has reached its expiry and the customer does not purchase another data bundle and continues to browse then Out of Bundle charges will apply. 

4.    Will the customer be notified that their data bundle or plan is almost running out? 

Yes with Data ON Worries OFF, we will send the customer automated SMS notifications when they have reached 75%, 90% and 100% of their data bundle or plan. 

5.    What will be our Out of Bundle data rates? 
With Data On and Worries OFF, customers will only be charged at $0.05c per MB used. This is the lowest in the Kingdom. 

6.    Which customers can use Data ON, Worries OFF?

All Prepaid Mobile Customers.

7.    How are customers notified that they do not have a data bundle?

The system will detect when a customer’s data bundle is about to end, this will trigger two events.

• Bundle usage SMS will be sent upon 75%, 90% and 100% of bundle usage.

• OOB warning message will be given on every $1.00 TOP charged via OOB.

8.    What will the SMS notifications say?


75% Notification SMS:

You have used 75% of your data bundle. Visit My Digicel App or *123# to repurchase for rollover or choose from amazing bundles. Out of Bundle rate is $0.05/MB.


90% Notification SMS:

You have used 90% of your data bundle. Visit My Digicel App or *123# to repurchase for rollover or choose from amazing bundles. Out of Bundle rate is $0.05/MB.


100% Notification SMS:

You have reached 100% of your data bundle. If you continue using internet, $0.05 per MB will apply. To purchase another bundle, dial *123# for more options.


OOB warning message:

You do not have any data bundle to browse. Buy data plan by visiting My Digicel App or dial *123# to purchase a plan again. Out of bundle rate at $0.05/MB.


9.    What happens if a customer does not buy a data bundle?
If a customer does not buy a data bundle, they would continue to be charged Out of Bundle rate of 0.05c per MB until their credit runs out. 

10.    What if customers complain that they were not aware of Out of Bundle charges?

SMS notification messages will be sent when they are at 75%, 90% and 100% of their data bundle or plan. This notification warns them to opt back into their data bundle or OOB charges will apply once their plan has been exhausted. 


For every $1.00 TOP credit charged when Out of Bundle we also send SMS warning message. 


11. What happens when the customer chooses to buy a bundle by dialing *123#?

If a customer chooses to go with dialing *123# he would be presented with the menu of data plans. Here he would purchase a plan, then receive a Confirmation SMS for the data bundle purchased. 

12.    What happens if a customer chooses to click on the link given in the SMS?

When the customer clicks on the link, they would be taken to the My Digicel Webpage, here customer would be presented with options to buy plans, getting to this webpage does not require data. Once a customer has bought a plan, their browsing would then be restored and they would be able to browse again.

13.    What happens if the My Digicel link is not working?

The opening of link would take less than a minute, please wait while this opens or retry to click the link again if it does not open. You always have *123# opt in if it does not work.


14.    How will a customer know that they have run out of credit?

The customer would receive a SMS that states “Your balance is low. Recharge or Get credit on loan. (TOP1.10 deducted next top up). Dial *164# to check your eligibility. T&Cs apply”


15. Where do I get more information?

Please email or see the Marketing Team.