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Digicel Data Services Fully Restored after Outage Caused by Volcanic Eruption

Digicel Data Services Fully Restored after Outage

Nuku’alofa, Kingdom of Tonga – Tuesday, 22nd February 2022 - Digicel today announced all its customers are connected to the outside world as data connectivity has been restored in the main island Tongatapu and Eua after undersea submarine cable repairs.


The Kingdom was brought offline after a break in the international undersea cable which connects Tonga with Fiji and then to rest of the world, because of a volcanic eruption last month.


The cable had multiple faults and breaks due to the volcanic activity and the submarine repair vessel worked for more than 2 weeks to fix it.


Digicel Tonga CEO, Anthony Seuseu, said that incidents related to submarine cables are considered a force majeure, which presents a challenge for local network operators.


Digicel was the first to restore international calls services just days after the Kingdom went into a communication black-out through the satellite link and later restored intermittent internet services with the help from international partners like Telstra, Spark, SES and NOVELSAT.


“We are delighted to see that our customers are connected to the outside world again and we want to thank you for your patience. Our customers can now connect with friends and family, do their online business with international partners, surf and stream the internet seamlessly and enjoy movies, music, sport, and more on their smart devices.”


“We have leant some tough lessons and we know how important internet connection is to our people. The recent incident has also provided the opportunity to our team to look at increased investment and network optimization to plan and prepare better for a catastrophic event of such nature in the future,” added Anthony.


The international undersea cable between Tongatapu and Fiji has been restored returning data connectivity to the outside world but the domestic cable is still down thus there’s no communication in Vava’u.


Digicel’s technical team has set up the satellite link to restore connectivity for Ha’apai Island and are working on trying to get Vava’u back online this week.


Let’s continue to keep Tonga in our prayers. Stay connected.


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