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Unlimited Data

Unlimited Data

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An exciting new offer to keep you connected with friends, families & loved ones with the concept of accessing a super-fast mobile internet endlessly for 2 hours for only $2 pa’anga.  This new ‘Unlimited Data plan allows you to:

  • Top up your Digicel number with just $2 and opt in to your ‘Unlimited bundle plan’
  • ‘Unlimited Bundle Plan’ gives your endless access to your mobile internet for 2 hours.

We’ve made it easier for you to share more of those memorable moments on Facebook, stream hours of videos on YouTube and stay connected with loved ones. Unlimited data plan is to be purchase via USSD *123# under ‘Data plan’ where the unlimited bundle plan is visible for you to purchase.

1.     When will the offer be available in the market?
This will launch on Thursday 1st February, 2018.

2.     When will the UNLIMITED data plan offer ends?
To be confirmed

3.     How can I purchase this UNLIMITED Data Plan?
Simply top up your Digicel number with $2 and dial *123# SEND and follow below steps.

  • Step 1 – Dial *123#
  • Step 2 – select ‘Offers’
  • Step 3 – select ‘Data Plans’
  • Step 4 – select ‘Unlimited Data $2 for 2Hours’

4.     Is this UNLIMITED offer available for whitelist only?
NO – The UNLIMITED offer is available to all Digicel Prepaid base.

5.     Can I watch movies online with my Unlimited Data?
Yes – you can stream services such YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix, Spotify, Sazham, Ifflix,,,

Important Notes on the Unlimited Plan

  • Data from the UNLIMITED bundle will not roll over
  • Data cannot be shared
  • Unused data will expires after 2hours
  • Multiple opt in is available
  • Unlimited Data does not apply to roaming numbers
  • Bundle will not auto-renew
  • Unlimited Offer is only available to Prepaid GSM sim such as Mifi / Wi-Fi Sims inserted in your handset to purchase the bundle.


1.   Triggers when successful subscribe to the unlimited offer
‘You are now subscribed to unlimited Data for the next 2 hours! $2 has been deducted from your balance’

2.   Trigger when insufficient credit.
‘You don’t have sufficient credit to buy the $2 Unlimited Plan. Top-Up by $2 and dial *123# to select a Data Plan today’

3.   Bundle Expiry
Your $2 Unlimited Data bundle has expired, dial *123# to buy a new data plan.


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Unlimited Data