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Give and Take

Give and Take

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GIVE $99 & TAKE 10 hours Unlimited

To mark Digicel’s significant milestone in Tonga since its inception, we are launching a new campaign ‘Give and Take.’

The special offer is ‘Give $99 and take 10 hours of UNLIMITED data with a new 4G smartphone.

1.    When will the offer be available in the market?
Friday 4th May, 2018 from 8am

2.    When will the offer end?

To be confirmed

3.    How does this new promotion work?
Customers can purchase a DigiCom handset with a simcard from any Digicel store at only $99 pa’anga.  

4.    If I don’t have a SIM, do I get one for FREE?
YES, we will give you a FREE SIM with 10 hours unlimited offer available in it.                          

5.    What else can I get from purchasing a DigiCom Handset?
Customers will also get a FREE 10hours Unlimited Data upon purchase.

6.    When is the 10 hours Unlimited Data activated?
Upon purchasing a Digicom Handset and receiving a new SIM card, customer must dial 122 to active their SIM and also the 10hour unlimited data.

7.    Can this be available for existing customers too?
YES….for existing customers, the retail agent will apply the FREE 10 hours unlimited to that particular number.   This will only be done if they are purchasing the newly available; DiGiCom handset.

8.    What duration is the bundle valid for use?
Unlimited Data bundle is only valid to use for 10 hours after activation.

9.     How will customers know bundle has been received?
SMS notification text will be received by customer stating they have 10 Hours of Unlimited Data.

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Give and Take