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Back to School Promotion

It's Back to School.. We have some special offers just for you to enjoy on our LTE 4G Network. We are giving away:

  • 5GB Data valid for 7 days FREE + 1Hour Play Go daily for a month FREE & FREE Wikipedia

  • A chance to WIN $100 stationery voucher every week or

  • Get a FREE LTE device. 

Handset Offer

New Year New Smartphone:  Buy a 4G smartphone for $99 (WOWI/DL051) and get 5GB Data valid for 7 days FREE + 1Hour PlayGo daily for a month FREE & FREE Wikipedia.

Buy & WIN

Buy any Data Plans on My Digicel App for your chance to WIN $100 stationery voucher every week.


Thinking of getting home internet for kids school projects and homework?
Sign Up for a home internet plan today & pay from as low as $60 for 25Gb to get a FREE LTE device.

Headset Offer

1.    How can I qualify for this offer?
Buy the Back to School special of the WOWi or DL501 4G smartphone for only $99 and you get 1 free sim + 5Gb free valid for 7 days + free Wikipedia + free 1 hour PlayGo daily for 1 month.  

2.    If I already have a SIM, do I still get the 2Gb free, free Wikipedia & free 1 hour PlayGo daily for 1 month?
Yes, you do and we will add this onto your existing SIM.

3.    How long is the 5Gb data valid for?
7 days from the day you receive it.

4.    How do I redeem my 1 hour PlayGo daily for 1 month?
To redeem your 1 hour, you dial *125# or on My Digicel App.  As soon as you do, your 1 hour begins.  

5.    What happens when my 1 hour finishes?
After one hour, you will get a trigger message informing you to get more data so you can continue enjoying to use PlayGo. 

6.    Is there a time restriction on using the 1 hour daily on PlayGo?
Yes, it is only available from 12midnight to 6pm.  You can use it anytime during this period and you will get your 1 hour free. 

7.    What happens if I use it after 6pm? 
You won’t be able to stream for free.  

8.    What channels can I watch on PlayGo with the 1 hour free daily?
You can Day Star, TVWAN, TVWAN Action and EPL.

Buy & WIN

9.    How do I go into the draw to win the $100 stationery voucher?
Digicel prepaid customers need to opt in to ANY prepaid mobile plan available on MDA to enter the draw, each entry will be registered.

10.    How many times can I enter the promotion
Customers can enter as many time’s during the promotional period (from 11 Jan – 28 Feb 2019) to increase their chances of winning.

11.    What is the last date to top up & enter the promotion?
The last day to opt-in for your entry to be valid or counted will be Thursday, 28th February 2019 before 12midnight.

12.    How will winners be awarded?
Winners will be determined by in an electronic draw, by random selection as below:

  • Random selection  → win $100 stationery voucher (weekly) 

13.    When will winners be drawn?
Winners will be announced every Friday before 3pm starting 18th January, 2019.

14.    Is parental consent required?
If the winner of the registered SIM card is under the age of 18, parental consent and presence is mandatory.

15.    Winners Registration?
The winner drawn has to be registered to the SIM card and the current user of the sim in order to claim their prize, if the SIM belongs to an individual however is registered under another individual, the rightful winner is the registered SIM individual.

16.    Is this offer available to all price plans?
This Promotion is available to all prepaid customers only excluding the tourist SIM, MIFI/LTE and Postpaid.

17.    How will winners be awarded?
Winners will be given a stationery voucher worth $100 at Digicel Office or Store if it’s outer islands. Winners will be required to present their valid ID (Passport, Driver’s License or National ID)

18.    How will winners be contacted?
Winners will be contacted via Phone call from Digicel’s Customer Care team. 

19.    Confirmation messages will be as follow:
Upon opt-in the customer will receive below successful trigger message;

You have xxx entries to go in the draw to win $100 stationery voucher every week. Promotion ends 28th Feb.

Home Internet

20.    What do I get from this promotion?
A FREE LTE modem when customer signs up for a home internet plan with Digicel and required to only pay for the plan that suits them.

21.    How do I sign up for this promotion?
Customer visits any Digicel store today and sign up for a new home internet plan from as low as $60 for 25GB and you get a FREE LTE modem with it.

22.    Is this offer available to everyone?
NO – this offer is only available to new customer sign ups. 

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