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All In One Bundle

All In One Bundle

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New All In One Bundle

An exciting new offer to keep you connected.  This new ‘All in One’ Bundle allows you to get up to

  • 10 times more data, talk and texts and ALSO
  • FREE Facebook and WhatsApp Messaging. 

It is a plan that is customized to suit your needs and convenient with data, talk and text bundled in one simple plan.  Purchasing this new offer is simple, dial *676# from your handset to choose the plan that works for you. 

We’ve made it easier for you to share more of those memorable moments on Facebook and stay connected with loved ones on WhatsApp messenger. 


Digicel Tonga offers our Pre-paid customers the NEW All-In-One Plan that is customised to provide customers with the BEST VALUE FOR MONEY with segmented offers.  

1)    When is the offer available in the market?

It’s available now and was launched on Wednesday, 7th June 2017

2)    What is the All-In-One Plan?

The All-In-One is a plan that combines data, minutes and SMS in 1 plan.  Each customer is offered options of bundles depending on their mobile spend giving them huge savings. 

3)    What are the plans?

The plans are simple and available to ALL Pre-paid customers. 

All plans offer FREE Facebook and WhatsApp Messenger and is valid for only 24 hours.

4)    How do I opt in to this plan?

Dial *676# to buy the plan

5)    How I do I know my balance for my All-in-one Plan?

Dial *130# to find out your balance for the All-in-one Plan.


Terms & Conditions

Yes! The All-In-One Bundle –

  • It is available to ALL Digicel Prepaid Customers
  • The plans are available on USSD *676# short code. 
  • The All-In-One Bundle will be available on the short code *123#.
  • The plans all expire according to clock hour rather than calendar days i.e. 1 day + 24 hours. 
  • You are allowed to purchase multiple plans of the same and/or different to that on the same segmented offer.
  • Plan rollover should only be applicable during the validity period of that plan with the following conditions;
  1. If you are re-purchasing the same plan while the plan is still active – the minutes, data & SMS WILL roll over and expiry will be extended as per the defined time from the time of the last plan purchase
  2. If you are purchasing a different bundle while the previous bundle is still active – the minutes, SMS & Data will NOT be rolled over and the plan will expire at the usual time
  3. Opting in again will not remove unused plans from customer’s previous purchases.
  4. If you opt in to the same plan after the expiry of the previous plan, rollover WILL NOT apply. 
  5. Plan WILL NOT auto-renew
  6. Facebook and Whats App data is used for Facebook & WhatsApp Messenger only. 
  7. This is not applicable to Video calling and Voice calling on Facebook and WhatsApp. 

1)    More Information

If you have any questions or require further information on this promotion, please contact our Customer Care team on

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All In One Bundle