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4G+ Double Data

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4G+ Double Data

4G+ Double Data promotion is available for any All in One, Normal data plan or Supersized data plan purchased via USSD *141# through a 4G SIM.

For example:  If you have an activated 4G SIM and you dial *141# to purchase 1 GB data for $24, you will receive a total of 2Gb for the price of $24 and it is valid for 60 days.


1. Is the 4G+ Double Data ongoing?

It starts on Monday 28 Nov 2017 and ends on Wednesday 31 January 2018.

2. How do I qualify for the 4G+ Double Data offer?

You need to have a 4G SIM to qualify for this offer.

3. Is this offer for both Prepaid & Postpaid customers? 

This promotion is only available to Prepaid customers.

5. How does the 4G+ Double Data Offer work?

  • Customers will dial *141# to access the USSD menu.
  • This will take the customer to the main menu & they will select option #4 (as an example)
  • Once the customer has done that, they will be given a choice of Normal Data Plans or Supersize Data Plans.
  • When the customer selects ‘Normal Data Plans’ (as an example) the different plans will be featured on their screen.  Upon selecting their data plan option, they will receive a ‘trigger message’ that says:

‘You have 30Mb + 30Mb 4G data valid for 24 hours! $1.50 has been deducted. Purchase again before expiry to rollover unused data to increase the validity.’ 

6. Will the validity date of the data plan I purchased be ‘doubled’ as well?

NO! For an example:  If you buy a 30Mb data plan which is valid for 24 hours and costs $1.50 – you will get 60Mb data but still valid for 24 hours and at the same cost of $1.50. 

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4G+ Double Data