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$10 for 10 hours UNLIMITED DATA

Digicel is celebrating its 10th year’s anniversary and to mark this significant period for the company, we are launching a 10 hour period.  So for only $10 pa’anga you can get 10 hours unlimited usage of data.

“$10 for 10 hours” will be available for activation at *123# and from My Digicel App.

1.    When will the offer be available in the market?
Friday 4th May, 2018 (8.00am)

2.    When will the offer end?
To be confirmed.  

3.    How do I obtain this bundle?
Simply dial *123#,  Enter number 3 for “Offers” then enter 2 for “Data plans” and then on the next screen select offer for “$10 for 10 hours” . The Bundle can also be purchased on My Digicel App.
4.    How long does the plan last?
10 hours only from the time of opt in.

5.    Is this a onetime offer?
No, multiple opt in is allowed.

6.    Is Auto renew available with the offer?

7.    Is this bundle available to ALL customers?
No, this bundle is only applicable to prepaid sim cards/customers ONLY including Mifi and WIFI sims.

8.    Does this Promotion apply to roaming customers?

9.    How will Customers know that bundle is active?
A SMS notification will be received by the customer indicating that they have received 10 hours of Unlimited Data after purchasing.

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