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Voicemail & Text Messaging Help | Digicel Tonga

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Voicemail & Text Messages


Does my service come with Voicemail? 
Yes, every Digicel customer gets voicemail at no extra cost. For your convenience Digicel has set up automatic diverts to your voicemail if your phone is switched off or unanswered. You will receive a digiTEXT message informing you that you have a new voicemail. 

How do I set-up my Voicemail?
It's as easy as 1-2-3 - literally! Simply dial 123 and follow the instructions. We recommend that you change your default password from 1234 to an easily remembered number.

Can I check my Voicemail from any phone? 
Yes you can. To access Digicel's voicemail from your mobile phone, simply dial 123. Digicel offers free voicemail retrieval on both prepaid and post-paid. When roaming you can dial + 6768900555 from a landline, to retrieve your voicemail messages.

How many Voicemail Messages fit in my Mailbox? 
You can store up to 5 minutes of voicemail messages. 

What is the storage time for messages?
Voicemail messages are stored as follows: - 

·         Listened to and saved - 14 days 
·         Received and not listened to - 7 days 
·         Listened to but not saved - 7 days 

Once you have passed these times, your messages will be deleted from your phone.

What other features does my Digicel phone come with? 
All Digicel customers enjoy Call Wait/Call Hold, Calling Line Identity, Call Restrictions, Call Barring, our easy to use text messaging service, Digicel Text, Multi party Conferencing and much more.... 

Text Messaging 

How do I send a text message to another Digicel number? 
It's easy! Simply compose your text message and either send it to the Digicel number or find the number in your phonebook.

What's the longest Text Message that I can send and receive? 
160 Characters long - and this includes spaces and punctuation! Some handsets, like the Nokia 7250, however, allow you to type messages over 160 characters. In this case, the message will be broken up & sent as separate messages of up to 160 characters each and you will be charged for each text message. 

What if someone tries to send me a text message and my phone is either turned-off or out of coverage? 
The message will be stored for 8 days. If, after this time, you have still not accessed the message, it will be deleted. If the sender has their delivery notification turned on, they will receive a message to this effect.

Who can I receive text messages from? 
You can receive a Text message from other Digicel customers or from GSM customers from many international networks.

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Voicemail & Text Messages