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Need Troubleshooting Help? | Digicel Tonga

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My Digicel mobile will not turn on?

  • Make sure the power button is switched on.
  • Make sure your battery is charged

There is an error message on my screen when I insert my SIM?

If the display shows “Unknown SIM”, “SIM Error”, or a similar message, there may be a number of possible causes:

  • Your SIM may not be inserted the right way.
  • Your SIM maybe blocked (contact customer care).
  • Your SIM may be damaged or faulty. However, this rarely occurs so we advise that you carefully check you have inserted it properly before contacting your dealer.
  • If problem still occurs please contact Digicel Customer Care by dialling 123 from a Digicel mobile phone or 0800-3444 from a landline.

My mobile doesn’t work?

Please check: >

  • Your mobile is turned on
  • SIM is inserted properly
  • Your battery is charged
  • SIM is not blocked
  • Correct PIN is entered
  • You have sufficient credit

My Digicel mobile doesn’t ring when people call?

Please check;

  • The ring tone has not been switched off.
  • The volume has not been turned down
  • Call divert (to voicemail or another number) has not been activated

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