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Credit U

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Credit U

What is CreditU?
Credit U allows you to transfer credit from your own Post-paid or Prepaid account to the prepaid account of friends and family using your mobile handset.

How do I send a CreditU?
Dial *128* + 11-digit receiving mobile number* + amount followed by # key. E.g. (*128*12687201234*75#) 
Wait for the confirmation message 
Then dial *128*1# to confirm or *128*2# to cancel. 

Both sending and receiving users receive a confirmation message. 

How do I check my account balance after receiving credit via CreditU?
Dial *120# to check your account balance

who can send a CreditU?
Both Digicel prepaid and post-paid customers can send credit with Credit U, but only Digicel prepaid customers can receive credit this way. Corporate customers are not allowed to use this service.

Can I send a Credit U while roaming?
Yes. Credit U will work once the roaming networks support USSD services.  

Is there a cost to use the CreditU service?
There is a .25c charge for sending a Credit U transfer but no charge to receive

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Credit U