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Experience 4G+

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Experience 4G+

We have now launched the bigger, better and now faster 4G+ network across the Kingdom of Tonga.  
The 4G+ network coverage includes the main islands of Tongatapu, Vava’u and Ha’apai and this new service will boost your online experience, be it YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or simply browsing the internet.

1. What is 4G+?

·      4G+ is a super fast and high capacity network

·      4G refers to 4th generation of mobile technology. 

·      It succeeds 3G and 3G+ and includes a range of technology offering consumers a faster mobile internet experience.

2. Is 4G+ now available in Tonga?

Yes, Digicel now offers the Bigger, Better and Faster 4G+ service.

3. Is it available all over Tonga? 

It is available in Tongatapu from 20th November and from Vava’u on 24th November and Ha’apai on 30th November. 

4. How do I get 4G+ ?

To connect to 4G+ you will need:

·      To be a Digicel customer

·      You will need a 4G SIM

·      You will need to be activated on 4G

5. Where can I get a 4G SIM and how do I get activated?

·      You can visit any Digicel store in Tongatapu, Vava’u and Ha’apai and if you’re a Digicel customer, you can ask for a 4G SIM for FREE. 

·      If you’re a TCC customer, you will need to get a 4G SIM and it will cost you $5.

·      Ask the Digicel staff in the store to insert your SIM and activate your number.

·      If you decide to do this yourself, insert your SIM and call 123 to activate.

6. What speed will I get with 4G+?

Up to 80Mbps for downloads and 20Mbps for uploads.

7. Is this new 4G+ service for my mobile or fixed broadband connection?

This is for Mobile Internet connectivity

8. Am I entitled to a new handset?

No. However, we have a fantastic offer now available.  All you need to do is visit any of our stores and buy our new Christmas Top Up card for only $149 and you will get a FREE smartphone (Alcatel U5) that is 4G compatible.

9. How do I know that my handset is 4G compatible?

The following handsets are ALL 4G compatible and also available at any of our stores.

·      J1 (2016)

·      J2 Prime

·      J5 Prime

·      J7 Pro

·      A3

·      S8

·      S8+

·      Iphone 8

·      Iphone 8+

·      Alcatel U5

10) How would I know if my handset is 4G compatible or not?

If your Network Mode settings are set to ‘Dual mode’, ‘4G, 3G & 2G’ or ‘GSM, WCDMA LTE’ (depending on your handset) and NOT to ‘2G only’, and you are in a Digicel 4G coverage area & your handset shows “3G”, “4G”, “H” or “H+” on the top of the screen next to the network signal bars, that means your phone is 4G compatible & you have access to this service. However you must sign up to a 4G plan to experience 4G speeds. Alternately you can also check on your handset manufacturer website.

11. Do I need to change my Phone Settings to use 4G?

Yes, after activating your 4G SIM, you need to ensure your phone settings are correct. This can be done by following these steps (specifics will vary according to device):

·      In your Mobile Network Options, set the Network Mode to ‘Dual mode’, ‘4G, 3G & 2G’

·      Manually scan for available networks and select Digicel 3G or Digicel 4G option

·      Restart phone and 3G, 4G, H or H+ icon displays on screen when successful

12. Why should I bother taking up 4G+?

With the power of Digicel’s 4Gnetwork and a 4G capable smartphone, everything is faster and your phone can do so much more…

·      Faster web browsing

·      Faster downloads (documents, photos, apps, music etc)

·      Faster photo & Video Uploads

·      Stream videos and music

·      Send and receive e-mails with large attachments faster

·      And so much more!

13. Will I experience any down time?

The Digicel network is engineered to provide maximum reliability and availability. Planned outages will occur from time to time but these are usually performed in off-peak hours (night time) to keep customer impact to a minimum.

14. Can I monitor my usage?

Yes you can. On a 4GSmartphone – there is a section on your device that monitors your usage……. Device dependent

15. What happens when I move outside 4G coverage area?

When you move in and out of 4Gcoverage areas, your phones will automatically move to our 3G network, provided your device has auto network mode turned on.

16. Will this be faster than TCC’s 4G+ offering?

Yes, not only will it be faster, but you will have wider coverage.

17. Will my voice call quality improve?

4G is for Data only, Voice calls will be on 2G/ 3G network.

18. How quickly can I download an MP3, stream from YouTube, download a movie?

It depends on the size of the movie. 

19. If my speed is increasing are you going to give me a better data bundle? If my speed gets faster my consumption is likely to increase.

As part of the launch, we are offering ALL customers on 4G+ that purchase a data plan from *141# DOUBLE DATA.  So if you buy a 1GB data plan for $24.  We will give you 2GB.

20. Is 4G contention/congestion free?

No, 4G+ is shared platform and can have congestion but as 4Gnetwork gives superior speeds that’s why even during congestion speeds will be more than 3G network.

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