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Xmas Special Opt in and WIN

Xmas Special Opt in and WIN

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Light Up this Christmas - WIN Daily Prizes

Light Up this Christmas with your chance to WIN Daily, Weekly and a Grand prize of $10,000 Pa’anga Cash!

Huge rewards for our customers who Top Up $5 pa’anga or more, buy any Prepaid Plans on *123# or My Digicel App to WIN some great prizes!

Daily Prizes FREE Credit, Data & Other Bundles

Weekly Prizes $200TOP cash every week

Chance to WIN


Grand Prize $10,000TOP cash for 1 lucky winner  

1.    How can I participate for this top-up & opt in and win promotion?
To participate in the promotion you will need to top up your Digicel number with $5TOP or Opt in to any mobile prepaid plan to win great prizes.

2.    What are these prizes?
Customers will get the chance to be in a draw to win Daily prizes, Weekly prizes and the Grand prize.

  • Daily Prizes includes FREE credit, data and other bundles.
  • Weekly Prizes includes the chance to WIN $200TOP cash every week
  • Grand Prize is $10,000TOP cash for 1 lucky winner.

Note: Daily & weekly prizes draw will be conducted regularly, as for the Grand prize will be drawn on 8th January 2020.

3.    How many times can I enter the promotion?
Every time you top up $5 or more or you purchase a prepaid mobile plan you will get the chance to win so yes, you can enter as many times as you wish during the promotional period.

4.    How will I know that I am the winner?
Once the competition closes on the 4th November, all numbers that top up or opt into any plans during the promotion period will be compiled and ready for the draw on the 8th January 2020 via

Note – each winner will be contacted via phone call to arrange the prize presentation day. The draw date for the Grand winner will be on the 8th January 2020.


5.    What type of top up is applicable for this promotion?
All types of top up including Flex card, Phone to phone EVD, Diaspora Recharge, Online, Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) and Digicel Mobile Money (DMM).

6.    What are the available mobile prepaid plans applicable for this promotion?

Bundle Name Price (TOP) Allowance Validity Bundle Type
Hourly Pass $1 100mb 1 hour Normal & Auto-renew
2 Hours Pass $2 2GB 2 hours Normal only
5 Hours $5 5GB 5 hours
1 Day Plan $2 200MB 24 hours Normal & Auto-renew
3 Day Plan $3 500MB 3 days
7 Day Weekly Plan $5 1GB 7 days
14 Days | Fortnightly Plan $10 2.5GB 14 days
30 Days |Monthly Plan $20 6GB 30 days
30 Days |Monthly Plan $50 15GB 30 days
Daily All in One $1.50 150min, 150sms, 50mb 24 hours
$2 200mins, 200sms, 100mb
$3 300mins, 300sms, 300mb
$4 400mins, 400sms, 400mb
$5 500mins, 500sms, 500mb
$7 700mins, 700sms, 700mb
$10 1000mins, 1000sms, 1000mb
$12 1200mins, 1200sms, 1200mb
Weekly All in One $5 50mins, 50sms, 500mb 7 days
$10 120mins, 120sms, 1200mb
$15 200mins, 200sms, 2000mb
$20 300mins, 300sms, 3000mb
$25 400mins, 400sms, 4000mb
$30 500mins, 500sms, 5000mb
$35 600mins, 600sms, 6000mb
$40 700mins, 700sms, 7000mb
$60 1100mins, 1100sms, 11000mb
$65 1200mins, 1200sms, 12000mb
Day Combo Plan $2 200mins & 200sms 24 hours
Weekly Combo Plan $5 1000mins & 1000sms 24 hours
International Bundle $4 40mins 24 hours Normal only
$10 120mins 24 hours Normal only

Note: Normal only refers to ‘Buy only’ & Auto-renew refers to the ‘Buy with auto-renew’

5.    Who can I email for more information?
Our Customer Care team and you can email on

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Xmas Special Opt in and WIN