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Xmas Special on 4G Smartphone

Xmas Special on 4G Smartphone

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Light Up this Christmas with a new 4G Smartphone

We are giving you a new 4G Smartphone, DL 501 at $120 Pa’anga + FREE SIM+ FREE 500MB Data + 1 Day Premium PlayGo Subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    What is the cheapest 4G Smartphone sold at Digicel Stores and with the Sales team?
DL 501 is the cheapest 4G Smartphone available. 

2.    How much is the DL501 Smartphone?
$120 Pa’anga

3.    What is included with this price?

Buy the DL501 for only $120TOP and get the following for FREE as well:

  • FREE sim
  • FREE 500mb bundle valid 24hours
  • FREE 1 Day Premium Plan with Play Go

4.    Where can I buy this Smartphone?
The DL501 will be available at any Digicel Store or from any Direct Sales Team (FOTS).

5.    What are the features of this Smartphone DL501?

  • DL501 is a 5-inch screen display smartphone with LTE support
  • 2MP front facing camera
  • 2MP main camera
  • Supports micro SD card up to 31GB
  • Operates on Android 8.0

6.    What if I already have an existing SIM?
Our friendly staff will check to see if the existing SIM is a 4G SIM. 

If YES – Then we will award the 500mb and the 1-day premium plan to your existing Sim number.

If NO – Then we will give you a 4G SIM with your existing number and then award the 500mb plus the 1-day premium plan


7.    Who can I email for more information?
Our Customer Care team and you can email on

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Xmas Special on 4G Smartphone