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Shake it Cash Call

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Digicel is running a cash call initiative for its loyal customers that is currently using My Digicel App. Once customers buy any prepaid plan from My Digicel App, they will automatically go into a draw to win a share cash of $5000TOP.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.     How does it works?

Download & buy any prepaid plan on My Digicel App and get the chance to win Daily $100 cash.


2.     How can I download My Digicel App?

My Digicel App can be download from Play Store & App Store.


3.     What else will I get after purchasing any prepaid plan on My Digicel App?

 You will also get the chance to win $100 cash daily and will be announced at Radio Taimi Media, FM 88.1 from 8am till 8:30am, Monday to Friday.


Note: All numbers that use the My Digicel App on a daily basis will be randomly picked 5 numbers from the overall list and call those 5 numbers LIVE from FM 88.1 on our Daily Radio Program.   3. What’s the magic word to be answered by the caller to win the $100TOP cash?  Yes, caller must answer the call saying, “Shake & Win with Digicel”


4.    What if the caller does not say “Shake it & win with Digicel” - what will happen to the cash?  Cash will be accumulated on to the next day if the caller did not get the answer correctly.


5.    Who will I contact for more information?

Please see the Marketing Team or email us at


Terms & Conditions

·        Customer must be a My Digicel App user and use the app to purchase his/her plans.

·        Caller must answer with “Shake & Win with Digicel” to win $100 daily cash.

·        Cash call will be done on a daily basis

·        Cash call will be conducted LIVE on Radio Taimi Media, FM 88.1 from Monday – Friday or every week at 8am to 8:30pm.

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Shake it Cash Call