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Ouuaaa Plans

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Ouuaaa Plans

Digicel Tonga continues to heap on its customers more value with its Voice, SMS & Data Plans that makes customers go ‘Ouuaa!’.

Available Ouuaaa Plans are:

 👌 Weekly Combo for $8.00. Customers get 1500 mins + 1500 sms valid for 7 days.
 👌 Weekly Data Pass for $10.00. Customers get 2700mb valid for 7 days.
 👌 3-day Data Pass for $5.00. Customers get 1300mb valid for 3 days.
 👌 Voice Pass for $2.00. Customers get 200 mins valid for 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Does this offer apply to both prepaid and postpaid customers?
No, only available for prepaid customers.

2.    How does it work?
Simple. Download the MyDigicel app & buy one of the plans above.

3.    What else more can customers get with these plans?
Customers that buy plans on the My Digicel App are eligible to win a prize on either the Shake to Win promotion and/or Shake It Cash Call promotion. Please refer to the Shake to Win Promo & Shake It Cash Call for more information.

4.    Who do I contact for more information?
Please email the Marketing Team at or call Customer Care at 123 or 8761000.

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Ouuaaa Plans