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Secure, Reliable high-speed connectivity

If you rely on the internet for work and your business, and you decide to work from home or work while on the go then this solution is right for you and your business. You get to sign up for 12 months on a minimum contract of $60GB per month and receive a LTE modem for FREE.

With Digicel Business, you are taken care of 24 hours 7 days a week. We have various internet plans to help you work from home or from any remote location. You can choose a connectivity option that gives you the ability to connect to your office server/system from the comfort of your home.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.    What is the offer?
When you sign up for 12 months on a minimum contract of 60GB per month you will also receive a FREE modem.

2.    Who is eligible for this offer?
All prepaid and postpaid customers.

3.    How much do I pay?
A minimum of $120 per month for 60GB.

4.    Where can I sign up for this offer?
Any Digicel store.

5.    What other internet plans are available?

There are more choices available depending on your requirements:

a.     For MIFI & LTE Modem accounts:

Plan New Data (GB) Monthly Chanrge
Plan 1 30 $ 60
Plan 1
New Data (GB)
Monthly Chanrge
$ 60
Plan 2 60 $ 120
Plan 2
New Data (GB)
Monthly Chanrge
$ 120
Plan 3 110 $ 200
Plan 3
New Data (GB)
Monthly Chanrge
$ 200
Plan 4 165 $ 300
Plan 4
New Data (GB)
Monthly Chanrge
$ 300

b.    Dedicated internet. Guaranteed bandwidth to connect your business over a secure state-of-the-art network.
c.     Private Branch Network (Point-to-point link). Connects you from your home or remote location to your office so you can conveniently access your work files, system and internet from home.

4.    Who do I see for more information?
Please call 6850001 or email:

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