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Shopping Voucher Winners

Shopping Voucher Winners

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Shopping Voucher Winners

22nd May 2020 – Nuku’alofa, Tonga – Siosiana Tupou of Kolomotu’a and Lopini Tupou of ‘Anana Tongatapu each won a $200 shopping voucher for Digicel Tonga’s Celebrate Family This May Top Up & Opt In to win $200 shopping vouchers Promotion Week 3.

Siosiana won the $200 shopping voucher for mothers at the Molisi Save supermarket while Lopini won the $200 shopping voucher for fathers at the Pacific Timber & Hardware.

Siosiana said she was so excited when she received the call that she immediately go dressed and told her husband about the good news before rushing over to Digicel.

“I’m so thankful for this voucher, my family will be so happy that we’re getting free shopping this week,” she

Siosiana said she tops up $5 almost every day and sometimes will top up $20. She regularly buys data plans with her top up to enjoy the internet.

Lopini, who won the shopping voucher for fathers, said confidence, “This prize is amazing, unbelievable. I look forward to going shopping tomorrow. Digicel is the number one network here in the Kingdom!”

Lopini said he tops up on a weekly basis with either $10 or $20, which he uses to buy voice and sms plans but particularly data plans.

The Top Up & Opt In Promotion is giving away a share $1600 worth of shopping vouchers to winners who top up $5 or more and buy plans for a chance to go into a weekly draw to win a weekly $200 shopping voucher each for mothers and fathers. Digicel Tonga’s Celebrate Family This May Promotions continues to the end of this month.

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Shopping Voucher Winners