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Digicel Tonga Celebrates Family

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Digicel Tonga Celebrates Family

1st May 2020 – Nuku’alofa, Tonga – Digicel Tonga, the country’s leading telecommunication and entertainment provider launched its Family Month Campaign, themed ‘Celebrate Family this May’.

This reminds us all of what is most important during May for every Tongan and that is communities celebrating the importance of family.  It is about being there together at home; being able to share more love, life and laughter this month whether it is a phone call from a loved one overseas or family and friends gathering on mothers or fathers Sunday. 

Digicel Tonga’s CEO, Anthony Seuseu, said; “This year’s theme celebrates our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and our large extended families and communities in Tonga and overseas. Although the current situation with the Coronavirus pandemic, we want to keep families here in Tonga and abroad connected, no matter what.”


This May, Digicel Tonga is rewarding families with a chance to win amazing daily and weekly prizes: $200 worth on family dinners when they reconnect their TV or Home Internet plans; $200 cash every week when they receive $30 or more top up from their friends and families living overseas; mothers and fathers each get to win a chance to spend $200 for shopping each week when they top up $5 or more and buy plans on *123# or via MyDigicel App. Families also get an LTE 4G smartphone for as low as $120 pa’anga with a free sim card, 1GB data for 24 hours and 3 days Premium PlayGo Plan. And more bonus comes on Sundays with exclusive offers on the MyDigicel app when customers buy the $4 international call plan and the 2.7GB and 7GB data plans. Prizes will be awarded every week.   

“We want our customers to know that Digicel is their family too and we will continue to be there to give them more value and joy always,” said Anthony.

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Digicel Tonga Celebrates Family