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Online Top Up Promotion

Online Top Up Promotion

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Online Top Up Promotion

15th May 2020 – Nuku’alofa, Tonga – Sitiveni Takai of Kolomotu’a Tongatapu won the $200 cash prize for Digicel Tonga’s Celebrate Family This May Diaspora & Online Top Up Promotion.

“I was out working at the farm when I received the call that I had won this prize. I told the person on the phone that I’m coming over right away!” Sitiveni said with a broad smile on his face.

Sitiveni usually receives $60 a week on top up from his family in New Zealand. He spends his top up on buying the 30GB data plans for his home internet use and regularly opts in to the $8 weekly Voice & SMS plan for local call and texts. He said he relies on the internet to do his research and to buy equipment for his farm.

Sitiveni, being his first time to win a prize from Digicel, said he bought his sim card before Digicel was launched in Tonga and has kept the same telephone number since then. He was happy to learn that Digicel Tonga celebrated its 12th Anniversary this month last week.

“I’ve always like the services with Digicel and I urge Tongans to use it too,” he said.

“With this cash prize, I’m going back to the farm to buy the workers some good food.”

Sitiveni thanked Digicel and wished all a happy Fathers Day.

Digicel Tonga’s Celebrate Family This May Promotions continues to the end of this month. The Diaspora & Online Top Up promotion is giving away a share $800.

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Online Top Up Promotion