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Digicel Rewards a Samsung Note 9

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Winner

Digicel Tonga started it’s ‘Shake it with Digicel’ Cash Call on 29th November and has kept the Kingdom ‘buzzing’ by getting more and more customers tuned in all day every day on FM 88.1 in an effort to win $100 cash for every cash call hour. 

Jeanette Vaka’uta is one of those customers and was a lucky winner on 20th January with $100 cash. 

Jeanette is 37 years old and lives in Longoteme.  She downloaded MyDigicel app in January and received 300mb free data.  The main reason why she downloaded it was so she could also participate in the Cash Call wins.  But since then has been actively using the App to buy her data plans and top up credit.

A proud user of MyDigicel app saying it’s made life simply easier!

Picture with Ragigia Dawai, Retail and Distribution Manager of Digicel Tonga Ltd.

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Digicel Rewards a Samsung Note 9